BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2012-09-04

Date: 2012-08-22


  • Jelte
  • Michal
  • Larissa
  • Aharen
  • Kambe
  • fujiwara
  • jinmei
  • jeremy
  • mukund

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:                6
Estimated count of closed:               21 (!)
Number of tickets left new:              4
Estimated count of new:                  16
Number of tickets assigned/in review:    12
Estimated count of active:               59

Current total open defects: 316
(last sprint: 313)

Past Sprint Review

jelte: I suspect that due to people being away, we didn't have anyone to do reviews at a number of times. Also, a number of tickets are mergable but are waiting for other tickets to be finished (perhaps we do need a separate state for that).

jinmei: there were several things that were special for this sprint. Not sure if it's just about the special situation of this sprint or that we need to think about something in general. Apart from the holidays we have statistics tickets which by their nature make the review queue longer. One thing I noticed is that we probably need to recall that we should generally prioritize review tickets. Otherwise the review queue is getting longer and longer.

jinmei: also, there is one review ticket which has been open for quite a while; #2136. And assigned review work should have an even higher priority than other tasks.

Mukund: in this case, 2136 was reviewed and assigned back to the implementer, then I picked up 2165 and 2166 and that took quite some time, and I couldn't get back to 2136

Jelte: so 2165 was heavily underestimated?

jinmei: yes we cannot prevent that from happening sometimes. But we should probably take some action on the suspended review thing

jinmei: rather than leaving it open for a long time we should take some action and we should resolve it in the daily call probably

jinmei: one other thing, #2160 has been taken but there was no progress. If this happens it should probably be released so someone can take it over.

Past Sprint Goals

  • Further work on Scalability


  • Final breakdown of background loading


  • Statistics

some done, not all of them



  • Activate the new datasource

(what's left?) some cleanup tasks, maybe update some of the python programs (some of them use old config)

  • Do performance test?

need to update the new configurations, then it can just be run

  • Asynchronous zone loading

how many points? long queue atm business trip for jinmei

60-ish again?

jinmei: i'd like to get estimates for a couple of tickets, which are necessary for the in-mem scalability tasks

2218 2219


Should we carry current untaken tickets over?

2180: jinmei: not entirely clear what is needed here vorner: when bind10 starts for the first time, it creates the database, but if you change config and make a typo, it silently creates an empty new db there jelte: so only log a warning if the db doesn't exist? vorner: and then still create it jeremy: but if it points to a different file, there might still be a problem (if it's a valid file, but is the wrong one), so perhaps also check timestamp or number of zones or something vorner: does that happen a lot? jinmei: it's not about whether it's empty or not, but whether it's created? vorner: yes

jinmei: it already logs at info level vorner: so we just need to change it to warning jinmei: and probably add the filename


current tickets left new amount to 16 points
(this includes #2098 and #2108)

add statistics work:
(a third of the originally estimated points would give us 7 in total for these)

open work for meta-ticket #2101:
2109   redefine in-memory zone finder  (basic)                                        Next-Sprint-Proposed   task         data source                 7
2110   redefine in-memory zone finder  (wildcard)                                     Next-Sprint-Proposed   task         data source                 5
2218   update InMemoryZoneFinder::findNSEC3 using memory-efficient  version           Next-Sprint-Proposed   task         data source                 5
2219   switch to memory-efficient version of in memory data  source                   Next-Sprint-Proposed   task         data source                 6

running total: 46

2082   bad ASIO  update                                                              Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified                3
(ask francis for background)
357    There should be timeout on TCP connection in auth  server                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect      b10-auth                    5
(if it needs to be broken up, this becomes metaticket and we do the subtickets in the next sprint)
2216   update query_bench so it will use the new data source  config                  Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect        b10-auth                    3
2188   b10-loadzone tries to remove comments from RData  strings                      New Tasks             defect        loadzone                    4

running total: 61

There does not appear to be enough time to start with the zoneloading just yet; we'll see in one week if we can get it in after all. (the total is about 60 points of work)

Addendum: original list


2170  Consistent place to configure socket file paths                               New Tasks             task         Unclassified                7
2174  Various issues with NSAS_WRONG_ANSWER log message                             New Tasks             defect       resolver                    8
2177  logging should indicate what component logged when multiple same components   New Tasks             defect       logging                     6
2181  Store full paths in configuration when we use paths                           New Tasks             defect       Unclassified                8

2189  General documentation of TSIG keyring in the guide                            New Tasks             task         documentation               3
2191  list form of ACL match value is rejected                                      New Tasks             defect       ACL                         4
2192  look into openbsd socket error                                                New Tasks             defect       Inter-module communication  8
2193  unnecessary warning about 'being non root' from sysinfo                       New Tasks             defect       sysinfo                     2
2194  negative Free Memory value reported by sysinfo                                New Tasks             defect       sysinfo                     3
2195  sysinfo leaks 'Broken pipe' exception                                         New Tasks             defect       sysinfo                     3
2196  Update Auth to support differential statistics updates                        New Tasks             enhancement  b10-auth                    9
2199  Add a configuration item to specify zones to collect statistics in Auth modu  New Tasks             enhancement  b10-auth                    3
2200  Collect per-zone query/response statistics items in Auth module               New Tasks             enhancement  b10-auth                    7

2214  import/export decoration for DLLs                                             New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified                7

2215  make socket code portable                                                     New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified                7
2217  portable timing functions                                                     New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified                0

599   clearly indicate which data source is in use                                  Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth                    0.0
1517  adding new memory datasource zone and temporary disabled?                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth                    5
1899  "performance issue of SQLite3 ""iterate"" query (w/ or w/o NSEC3)"            Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source                 6

2101  [meta] memory-efficient version of InMemory Zone                              Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source                 meta

2111  Define a dedicated result context and additional record handling.             Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source                 4
2150  allow RBTree::find() to start at a lower level                                Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         Unclassified                5
2151  "well known ""wildcard"" LabelSequence"                                       Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         libdns++                    2
2175  warning ... type uses the anonymous namespace                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified                4
2186  autoreconf fails with automake 1.12.2                                         Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       build system                5
2190  (msgq) select.poll() broken on osx's python                                   Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       msgq                        5
2198  make sure InterprocessSyncLocker is thread safe                               Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       logging                     5

2201  [meta] background zone loading in memory                                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source                 meta

2202  introduce a lock for the data source client in auth                           Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         b10-auth                    5
2203  separate CC Session from auth DataSourceConfigurator                          Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         b10-auth                    5
2204  revise auth DataSourceConfiguratorGeneric::reconfigure()                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         b10-auth                    6
2205  "introduce a ""data source configurator"" thread in auth"                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         b10-auth                    0

2206  define and implement ZoneTableSegment class                                   Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source                 6
2207  define and implement (datasrc::memory::)ZoneUpdater class                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source                 7
2208  Revise InMemoryClient and ConfigurableClientList::configure() using ZoneTabl  Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source                 5
2209  define and implement ConfigurableClientList::getCacheZoneUpdater()            Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source                 5

2210  "support ""reconfigure"" command in the configurator thread"                  Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         b10-auth                    5
2211  update the data source reconfigure command so it uses thread                  Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         b10-auth                    6
2212  "support ""load zone"" command in the configurator thread"                    Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         b10-auth                    5
2213  revise LoadZoneCommand::exec() of b10-auth to use the configurator thread     Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         b10-auth                    4

2220  tickets that can be closed by switching to new datasrc                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source                 0


No OB.

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