BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2012-08-07 Date: 2012-07-31


  • Shane
  • Jelte
  • Aharen
  • Michal
  • Mukund
  • Kambe
  • Larissa
  • Kevin
  • Jeremy

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:                17
Estimated count of closed:               59 (and a 0-point ticket)
Number of tickets left new:              5
Estimated count of new:                  23
Number of tickets assigned/in review:    7
Estimated count of active:               25 (and 2 statistics tickets for something like 16 points)

Current total open defects: 308
(last sprint: 305)

Past Sprint Goals

  • Work on Scalability

Past Sprint Review

Jelte: noticed a number of tickets that caused a lot of conflict, also tickets waiting on other tickets (almost everything waiting on a ticket in review... close to not being able to pick any ticket)
Michal: Still a ticket without any dependencies not taken... ;)
Mukund: First time that I've noticed merge conflicts since I've been working here. It is to be expected, since there are interdependent tickets.

Jelte closes sprint!


  • hardening.
  • rename showtech
  • add osx and solaris to the renamed showtech? (depending on whether there's room)

Jeremy created wiki page to share opinions about renaming. Initial choice was just to rename everything by adding "b10-" and rename again if we decide something else.

To discuss: build issue on AWS

Our only issue is to set permission on install.

how many points? 30?


move documentation ticket on (4), and probably the lib rename one (4)
2126    rename b10-showtech to   isc-sysinfo                                      Next-Sprint-Proposed    task         Unclassified   2
running total: 10

create ticket? for permissions problem

2147   boost::offset_ptr causes build failures                                  Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       build system   4
2159   in-tree lettuce fails due to missing                         Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth       3

?2169   build using log4cplus 1.1.0                                              New Tasks             defect       logging        3
2054   make sure RBTree nodeFission() preserves the name of the original node   Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source    4

2066   general description on ACL in bind10 guide                               New Tasks             defect       documentation  4


create ticket to add OSX support in the tool formerly known as showtech



254   we should revisit RRset::setName()                                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source    3
860   sqlite3 data source should separate DONE and other errors               Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source    3
2047  Abstract base for DataSourceClientContainer                             Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  data source    4

2153  change Message::addRRset param to ConstRRsetPtr                         Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       libdns++       2

2160  b10-auth should clear Message at the end of request handling            Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth       4
2161  remove old datasrc API code                                             Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source    4
2162  rename datasrc/zone.h to datasrc/iterator.h                             Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source    2
2167  clarify whether to keep inmemory datasrc as a loadable module           Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source    3
2168  deprecate matchWireData in dns/tests                                    Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       libdns++       0

New Tasks:

2012  bindctl needs a home                                                    New Tasks             defect       bind-ctl       3
2015  Use AM_V_GEN where applicable in the build system                       New Tasks             defect       build system   4
2043  Fix remaining Python warnings about unclosed files and sockets          New Tasks             defect       Unclassified   6
2048  configure check for pyexpat                                             New Tasks             task         build system   2
2063  support DDNS update forwarding                                          New Tasks             enhancement  DDNS           10
2065  support BIND9-compatible update-policy ACL for DDNS                     New Tasks             enhancement  DDNS           9

2069  "Xfrout's ""notify"" command handler needs a unit test"                 New Tasks             defect       xfrout         3
2075  simplify components address syntax                                      New Tasks             defect       Boss of BIND   7
2077  add NO_EXPECT_DEATH                                                     New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified   3
2078  lettuce test for bind10 -u                                              New Tasks             task         Boss of BIND   5
2083  "Cmdctl shutdown hang, b10-resolver crash and cmdctl crash"             New Tasks             defect       Unclassified   10
2102  type of test is bool                                                    New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified   4
2115  a shared_ptr is a pointer                                               New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified   2
2117  win32 DLLs                                                              New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified   17
2125  cannot add update_acl and then set                                      New Tasks             defect       configuration  held
2128  allow sysinfo to provide some generic output on unknown system          New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified   3
2134  Library organization                                                    New Tasks             task         Unclassified   4
2137  update the boss module according to the new statistics model            New Tasks             enhancement  statistics     4
2138  update the Auth module according to the new statistics model            New Tasks             enhancement  b10-auth       6
2144  add nonassignable super class                                           New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified   3
2145  imports in isc/                                              New Tasks             defect       Unclassified   3
2146  "Investigate dhcp{4,6} start-up merge possiblity"                       New Tasks             enhancement  dhcp           7
2149  retry send 'setup connection' in b10-ddns                               New Tasks             defect       Unclassified   6
2150  allow RBTree::find() to start at a lower level                          New Tasks             task         Unclassified   5
2151  "well known ""wildcard"" LabelSequence"                                 New Tasks             task         libdns++       2
2154  Create a set of counters to hold auth statistics items                  New Tasks             enhancement  b10-auth       8
2155  Collect query/response statistics items in Auth module                  New Tasks             enhancement  b10-auth       5
2156  Collect socket statistics items in Auth module                          New Tasks             enhancement  b10-auth       5
2157  Create an interface to pass statistics counters in Auth module          New Tasks             enhancement  b10-auth       8
2158  Implement counters into Xfrout (1/3)                                    New Tasks             enhancement  statistics     6
2163  "[meta] use signed RRset ""as is"" in Message"                          New Tasks             task         libdns++       meta
2164  introduce RRset::getSIGRdataCount()                                     New Tasks             task         libdns++       2
2165  update Message::addRRset() to be unaware of signedness                  New Tasks             task         libdns++       5
2166  "update RRset::toWire() so it will render RRSIGs, too"                  New Tasks             task         libdns++       4

2170  Consistent place to configure socket file paths                         New Tasks             task         Unclassified   0



release not at end of this sprint, but one week later

Jeremy proposes that we include a documentation ticket each sprint, similar to how we do 5 defects each sprint. Michal suggests that documentation should get done right away, and not get stacked. The question is... do we do that? Jelte suggests we research before our next team call.

Done @ 15:13 UTC

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