BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2012-07-03

Date: 2012-06-19



Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:               10
Estimated count of closed:              47
Number of tickets left new:              4
Estimated count of new:                 19
Number of tickets assigned/in review:    5
Estimated count of active:              22

Current total open defects: 288 (last sprint: 292)

2 unestimated tickets added during sprint (1 closed, 1 currently assigned)

Past Sprint Goals

  • Hardening

Past Sprint Review

How did it go?
Jinmei: generally okay, hard to review good/bad about a 1-week sprint
Shane: do we feel more confident the code is complete/stable? should we do it again?
Jinmei: we should do at least one more; not particularily bad, but I don't see any particular advantage of having it
Michal: we got rid of a few tickets that were just sitting there for a long time and bothering everyone, since we weren't supposed to be making a feature
Jinmei: not *only* for bug-fixes and so on, we also did normal development; shorter period, so maybe that is why it is difficult to access whether it is really good or not

Shane: okay, will try another hardening sprint before next release to see

Next sprint


Jinmei: For scaling, we should discuss design details and create specific tickets after agreeing on design details. We can create tickets in this sprint and start working on it.
Jinmei: working on other data-source related stuff, which is somehow related to this work, including how to configure in-memory "cache" concept

Shane: we'll have to work out the data source scaling plan in this sprint and finish executing in the next sprint
Jinmei: gut feeling is it will take at least 2 sprints

  • bind10-showtech
  • work needed for data source scaling
  • define data source scaling plan fully

Jinmei: showtech ticket seems not specific, so it can be easier or harder than we estimate
Shane: we don't know exactly what will be in it, so spend a couple of days...?
Jinmei: what should be done is not super clear
Shane: break it out into subtasks?
Jinmei: need a Python script or something; my suggestion is to implement that part, with some very small amount of information like build options, and then we incrementally add more different kinds of information in different tickets
Shane: that makes sense, I'll update the ticket like that

Jinmei: other question is about resolver research?
Shane: Jinmei will be working on resolver research, also Jelte is away, so we can expect this sprint to be less points
Shane: we usually target 80 points, maybe we should target 45 or so?
Jinmei: depends on how much time I can spend
Shane: if we run out of work we can add tickets at the end

Current Sprint

id      summary                                                           owner       type    priority    component    estimatedhours
1976    use meta-or-container-of data source in b10-auth                  vorner      task    medium      b10-auth     8
2025    system test for notify                                            muks        task    high        xfrin        5

13 points

1905 is in a kind of limbo...

Michal: I had problems with 1351, don't know if anyone can work on it, or if is better to wait until after we refactor xfrin
Michal: code is unreadable, would take 10+ hours to do!, hopefully refactoring can make that better

TODO: create new ticket for #1629, covering the instrumentation only


2062    bind10-showtech initial version        task    medium    Unclassified   5
2044     In-Memory cache in  ClientList                                                              task    medium    data source    7
2046    Special case for loading zone files to In-Memory in ClientList config        task    medium    data source    4
1869     designing serialized in-memory data  source                                                task    medium     data source    8
2052    dns::LabelSequence::compare()    UnAssigned    task    medium    libdns++    4
1986     b10-auth shouldn't try to forward update requests without ddns  running                    defect    medium    b10-auth    5
1774     "use uint8_t for ""characters"" of Name  data"                                UnAssigned   defect    medium     libdns++    3
1999    detection of googletest        defect    Unclassified    4

53 points

Mukund: Solaris issue causing buildbot to consistently fail
Jinmei: seemed like a Solaris issue, workaround to exclude it from build bot; we need to check the build bot configuration



id      summary                                                                      owner        type    priority    component    estimatedhours
1764    make SyncUDPServer even more simpler (and probably faster)                                task    high    b10-auth    6
2038    zonemgr's config_handler doesn't provide strong exception guarantee                       defect    high    secondary manager    5
1393    reduce overhead in python logging                                                         enhancement    medium    logging    4
1689    Handle RRSIG TTL properly when combining multiple RRSIG into a single RRSet               defect    medium    Unclassified    4
1866      isc.dns constants like RRType.A() should be constants, not   functions         UnAssigned   defect    medium    libdns++    5
2039    "cfgmgr returns ""success"" to GET_MODULE_SPEC if the module is not found"                defect    medium    Inter-module communication    0
2045    Reuse data source clients on reconfiguration of ClientList        task    medium    data source    5
2047    Abstract base for DataSourceClientContainer        enhancement    medium    data source    4
2049    """exclusive"" mode of DataSourceClient"        task    medium    data source    5
2050    "use the ""exclusive"" mode of DataSourceClient in b10-ddns"        task    medium    DDNS    2
2051    python wrapper for datasrc::ClientList        task    medium    data source    3
2053    LabelSequence::toText() and operator<<    UnAssigned    task    medium    libdns++    2
2054    make sure RBTree nodeFission() preserves the name of the original node        defect   medium    data source    3
2055    asiolink wrapper for io_service::post()        task    medium    Unclassified    3
2056    ZoneFinder::Context::getNegativeProof        task    medium    data source    4t
2057    ZoneFinder::Context::getWildcardProof        task    medium    data source    4
2058    ZoneFinder::Context::getDelegationProof        task    medium    data source    4
2059    ZoneFinder::Context::getSynthesizedCNAME        task    medium    data source    4
2060    ZoneFinder::Context::getAtOrigin        task    medium    data source    4
2061    Add custom update tool for use in DDNS tests, and finish DDNS tests    jelte    defect    medium    DDNS    9
1981    Investigate ForwardTest failure (occured just once)        defect    medium    Unclassified    7

New Tasks

id    summary    owner    type    component    estimatedhours
1973    reimplement the current set of statistics counters with new design        task    statistics    6
1991    boost/numeric/conversion/detail/meta.hpp:30: warning: comparison between 'enum mpl_::integral_c<boost::numeric::sign_mixture_enum, unsigned_to_unsigned>::<anonymous>' and 'enum mpl_::integral_c<boost::numeric::sign_mixture_enum, unsigned_to_signed>::<anonymous>'        defect    Unclassified    6
1998    move Formatter classes from DDNS to util        task    Unclassified    5
2008    remove equal additions and deletions from        task    Unclassified    N/A
2010    lettuce test that runs auth and resolver at same time        defect    Unclassified    4
2022    DDNS improvement: destroy transaction within handle()        enhancement    Unclassified    4
2029    NSAS repeating same tasks near simultaneously        defect    resolver    9
2030    NSAS wrongly recording nameservers are unreachable        defect    resolver    9
2031    NSAS permanently cache unreachable namservers?        defect    resolver    7
2035    tickets that will be automatically resolved with the generic zone parser/loader    UnAssigned    defect    libdns++    meta
2037    remote config handler (python) always gets full config        defect    configuration    6
2063    support DDNS update forwarding        enhancement    DDNS    0
2064    "components ""kind"" needs to be specified explicitly even for default"        defect    Unclassified    0
2065    support BIND9-compatible update-policy ACL for DDNS        enhancement    DDNS    0
2066    general description on ACL in bind10 guide        defect    documentation    0
2015    Use AM_V_GEN where applicable in the build system    UnAssigned    defect    build system    4
2043    Fix remaining Python warnings about unclosed files and sockets        defect    Unclassified    6
2048    configure check for pyexpat    UnAssigned    task    build system    2
2012    bindctl needs a home        defect    bind-ctl    3


1351    Make TSIG configuration consistent                                UnAssigned  defect  very high   xfrin        5
1905    error compiling BIND 10 on Solaris 10 x86pc                       UnAssigned  defect  medium      build system 6
1629    logging with garbage in it                                        UnAssigned  defect  medium      logging      8
2021    make config handler of b10-ddns more friendly                                 task    very low    DDNS         0


Jeremy: missed bi-weekly meeting because of this, so next time maybe we should plan for this.

Over at 15:49 UTC

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