BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2012-06-19

Date: 2012-05-29


  • Jelte
  • Stephen
  • Kambe
  • Shane
  • Jeremy
  • Jinmei
  • Larissa
  • Michal
  • Fujiwara
  • Mukund
  • haikuo
  • Aharen

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:               21
Estimated count of closed:              86
Number of tickets left new:              6
Estimated count of new:                 33
Number of tickets assigned/in review:    5
Estimated count of active:              23

Current total open defects: 292
(last sprint: 291)

Note: 4 unestimated tickets added during sprint (3 closed, 1 currently assigned)

Past Sprint Goals

  • Finish DDNS

Currently working on system tests, and secondary zone list for DDNS

  • Finally migrate to new datasources

Static data source has been converted (but not used)

Past Sprint Review

No things of note.

Next sprint

Note: This is a one-week sprint. The idea is to have a release/hardening sprint. As this is our first, some details will have to be ironed out as we go along. We shall not work on any new features, but polish up the new ones we have added recently, and stamp out bugs (both old and new, for now).


Move on current tickets except 1459

2028  socket session forward test fails on  solaris11                               Next-Sprint-Proposed   defect       Inter-module communication 7
2036  Integrate valgrind into our test  suite                                       Next-Sprint-Proposed   enhancement  build system               2
988   Infinite loop on  xfrout                                                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       xfrout                    5
459   Dangerously counter-intuitive isc::auth::Query  interface                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect        b10-auth                  6
2027  ddns: move acl   up                                                             New  Tasks             enhancement  DDNS                     3
2025  system test for  notify                                                         Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         xfrin                       5
2033  remove  ZoneFinder::findPreviousName()                                          Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source                 3
1351   Make TSIG configuration  consistent                                             Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       xfrin                       5
2023   xfrin doesn't send the right command to zonemgr after  transfer                Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect        xfrin                       3

ddns documentation (moved on from current sprint)

30 points to tickets

lower to:
459 (6)
2033 (3)

39 points in total

Tickets From current sprint:
defer 1459 (but discuss further, on-list?)
add comment to check for nonprintables in 1629 and move it on (if possible in our logging code, but may need to be in a special version of log4cplus)
move rest to new sprint

Specially mentioned:


932   overall cleanups (including real bug fixes) for pydnspp                       Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       libdns++                    7

1081  some log4cplus errors are propagated                                          Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       logging                     3
1173  DatabaseClientTest should also check best match for findZone                  Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source                 3
1272  complete fix for clang++/freebsd build error                                  Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       build system                5
?1986    b10-auth shouldn't try to forward update requests without ddns   running        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect         b10-auth                    5
1373  DataSourceClient::getIterator should differentiate no-such-zone case          Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source                 3
1393  reduce overhead in python logging                                             Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  logging                     4
1394  unify format_zone_str and format_addrinfo                                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  logging                     2
1689  Handle RRSIG TTL properly when combining multiple RRSIG into a single RRSet   Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified                4
1725  improve get_sock.udp6_create test for Solaris                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified                4
1774  "use uint8_t for ""characters"" of Name data"                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       libdns++                    3
1797  CNAME should include auth and additional                                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth                    3
1866  "isc.dns constants like RRType.A() should be constants, not functions"        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       libdns++                    5
1870  install complete header files                                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       build system                5
1871  cleanup: unify pydnspp and isc.dns to the latter                              Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       build system                4
1879  "unify ""scoped socket"" helper class"                                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified                5
1901  be consistent with bind10 or boss or bob name                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Boss of BIND                9
1945  LDADD order in makefiles                                                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       build system                8
1981  Investigate ForwardTest failure (occured just once)                           Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified                7
1983  asiolink::IOMessage should contain the local endpoint                         Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth                    5
1985  eliminate duplicate hardcoding for ddns UNIX socket file both in auth and dd  Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth                    7
1986   b10-auth shouldn't try to forward update requests without ddns  running        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect        b10-auth                    5
1987  'wait for' command in bindctl execute handling (or something similar)         Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         bind-ctl                    9
1990  customize EqualityFunc of python tests                                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  Unclassified                7
1992  "support ""also-notify"""                                                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  xfrout                      7
1993  simple style checker                                                          Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         Unclassified                6
1994  "RFC 5001 (NSID) support, configuration"                                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  Unclassified                4
1995  "RFC 5001 (NSID) support, protocol support"                                   Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  Unclassified                5
1996  "RFC 5001 (NSID) support, ACL"                                                Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  Unclassified                5
2000  update libdns++ OPT RDATA so it can handle EDNS options                       Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  libdns++                    4
2001  extend libdns++ EDNS class for EDNS options                                   Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  libdns++                    4
2002  python wrapper for EDNS option extensions                                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  libdns++                    4
2006  create a meta ticket for NSID                                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         Unclassified                meta
2007  redesign in-memory data source structure                                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source                 11
2011  setUnitTestRootLoggerCharacteristics has been removed?                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       logging                     2

2026  detect Py_hash_t in ./configure and define it internally if not               Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       build system                4

2032  Request for web interface to configure bind                                   Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  Unclassified                42

1973   reimplement the current set of statistics counters with new  design            New Tasks             task         statistics                  6
1991   "boost/numeric/conversion/detail/meta.hpp:30: warning: comparison  between 'e  New Tasks             defect       Unclassified                6
1998   move Formatter classes from DDNS to  util                                      New Tasks             task         Unclassified                5
1999   detection of  googletest                                                       New Tasks             defect       Unclassified                4

2008   remove equal additions and deletions from                             New Tasks             task         Unclassified                N/A

2010   lettuce test that runs auth and resolver at same  time                         New Tasks             defect       Unclassified                4
2012   bindctl needs a  home                                                          New Tasks             defect       bind-ctl                    3
2015   Use AM_V_GEN where applicable in the build  system                             New Tasks             defect       build system                4
2022   DDNS improvement: destroy transaction within  handle()                         New Tasks             enhancement  Unclassified                4

2029   NSAS repeating same tasks near  simultaneously                                 New Tasks             defect       resolver                    9
2030   NSAS wrongly recording nameservers are  unreachable                            New Tasks             defect       resolver                    9
2031   NSAS permanently cache unreachable  namservers?                                New Tasks             defect       resolver                    7
2035   tickets that will be automatically resolved with the generic zone  parser/loa  New Tasks             defect       libdns++                    meta
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