Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2012-05-01


  • Michal
  • Stephen
  • Jelte
  • Larissa
  • Mukund
  • Jeremy
  • Kevin
  • Fujiwara
  • Kambe
  • Jinmei

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:               21
Estimated count of closed:              65
Number of tickets left new:              4 (1 meta, 2 just added, 1 'design')
Estimated count of new:                  
Number of tickets assigned/in review:   13
Estimated count of active:              63
(again, slightly skewed due to the big log output task(s))

(note: there were a couple of tickets removed and added)

Current open defects: 276
(last sprint: 273)

<jelte> somewhat less than last sprint; added few more tickets at the end

Past Sprint Review


  • Mem-from-db
<jelte> Where are we with it?
<vorner> Worked on his ticket a few hours ago
<muks> Work is done, but needs to go in order due to dependency
<jelte> So we're almost done
  • Design tasks:
    • zone loader (does not appear to have been done)
    • msgq-ng proposal (proposal sent and under discussion)
    • config data proposal (was inmem-serialization but got changed; proposal sent and under discussion)
<jinmei> Haven't heard anything from Shane about zoneloader. No progress yet.
  • NSEC3 in database backend (sub-goal)
<jelte> Few tickets left about NSEC3 in database backend; one still in review

General review

<jinmei> Why we only managed to do 65 points? Is that because some of us took holidays?
<vorner> There was easter (which took away 2 working days)
<stephen> I was out for a bit because I was spending time on DHCP
<jelte> vorner: Did you spend more time on the msgq-nq proposal?
<vorner> Not much. I spent at most 2 hours answering the emails, but it was probably much less.
<muks> 1818 also took time, but it's finally in master now!
<jelte> This was estimated at 1, right?
<jelte> A simple change had lot of unintended consequences.
<jelte> Any organizational things that we should note or improve?
<jinmei> Most of these seem temporary, so it's not an organizational issue, but I wonder if stephen can use his time for future sprints or if he will be busy with DHCP?
<stephen> I am keeping an eye on BIND10 and may be moving into DHCP from the BIND10 team
<jelte> We should ramp up connectivity between the two teams
<jinmei> In this case, we should expect a lower amount of points to be done
<shane> We have to figure out how to balance the hours and workloads, and change our estimates based on that

Next Sprint

<jelte> We have less than a week. Shane, Larissa and I thought that's not enough time to work on features. So we put in time to fixing defects.
<vorner> Shouldn't we try to switch to the new datasrc soon?
<jelte> We can work on that...
<shane> We have a ticket to do that, but it hasn't been made into individual tasks
<vorner> We should at least decide how we configure datasrc. We probably need a meta datasrc to aggregate them together (which we don't have yet)
<jinmei> I'm not so fond of meta datasrc.. in any case we need something to handle that in some way.
<jelte> No consensus here.. so we should have a task to propose something and discuss it
<shane> We should allocate some time during the f2f
<vorner> What about #1750
<shane> We can measure performance now
<vorner> So I will put it into the sprint
<shane> OK
<jinmei> Are we going to complete xfrin for in-memory?
<jelte> Once all tickets are merged and we use it, no doubt we'll find issues. We should finish the current tasks related to this anyway.
<jinmei> That seems to be pretty much a month of work already.
<jelte> Is it?
<jinmei> For a kind of incomplete sprint.
<jelte> I wouldn't expect this to take even a half-sprint even when we are doing things normally
<jinmei> ... including switching to a new datasrc and things like that
<jelte> We can try the hardcoded version now, but in terms of datasrc selection and meta datasrc, we need a proposal done first
<jelte> We can't spend too much time on that right now
<vorner> We use the other datasrc api for inmemory. I think switching to the new datasrc would mean removing code, not adding.
<shane> Shall we kick of a discussion on the mailing list about using datasrc
<shane> We should also finish work on transfers to the inmem datasrc

<jelte> We don't have estimate of how much time we have this sprint.
<jelte> I was thinking we could pick a list of priorotized current tasks and see how far we get.
<jelte> Is there anything that's really important that we should fix (from the other tickets)?
<vorner> I need profiles of configuration (#1843).. but I'm not sure if this is a single task or needs a proposal as well.
<shane> We don't just want a developer to do whatever comes to mind in this case
<jelte> If we just want something, we can provide a number of example configurations (simple resolver, etc.)
<vorner> I was wondering if we could simply include commands from a file in bindctl and just commit
<shane> Being able to read from a file is something we want to do anyway
<shane> It would be reasonable to provide some such thing
<vorner> Reading a file.. it's all or nothing (you don't just get a part of it)
<jelte> I pipe a list of commands to bindctl regularly
<shane> You are proposing to read a file from bindctl
<vorner> Something like "source"
<jelte> There is something tricky here.. -> list indices
<vorner> You can set values directly when adding (by providing json data)


1843  Profiles of configuration                                                     enhancement                    6
1207  Enable the data source factory                                                task                           5
(or at least look at it to see if it makes sense)
1148  Make XfrOut use global TSIG keyring                                           defect                         4
(check whether this hasn't been done already)
1878  lettuce tests should be more fail safe about runtime environment              defect                         4
1856  lettuce multi_instance test should use a dedicated DB file                    defect                         3 (1?)
1857  make isc::config::ModuleSpecError a derived class of isc::Exception           defect                         2
1892  Check mode of logger                                                          task                           5
1893  Support SQLite3 in NSEC3 database tests                                       task                           5
1885  b10-stats-httpd should not run by default                                     defect                         2
1852  stats httpd doesn't send 'stopping' if httpd port can't be opened             defect                         3


956   Message::toWire() should be TSIG agnostic                                     enhancement                    3

1393  reduce overhead in python logging                                             enhancement                    4
1767  revisit class organization of ZoneFinder::Context                             task         auth performance  6
1774  "use uint8_t for ""characters"" of Name data"                                 defect                         3
1797  CNAME should include auth and additional                                      defect                         3
1824  IfaceMgrTest.sendReceive6 test hangs on OpenBSD                               defect                         3
1839  specialize BasicRRset::toWire() for higher performance                        task         auth performance  3
1858  sockcreator doesn't die                                                       defect                         4
1860  introduce consistently structured exception hierachy in libdns++              task                           5
1861  SQLite3 DB creation code should be consolidated                               defect                         5
1862  have b10-dbutil reports upgrade progress                                      enhancement                    2
1865  python wrapper for findNSEC3                                                  task                           3
1866  "isc.dns constants like RRType.A() should be constants, not functions"        defect                         5
1870  install complete header files                                                 defect                         5
1871  cleanup: unify pydnspp and isc.dns to the latter                              defect                         4
1879  "unify ""scoped socket"" helper class"                                        defect                         5
1883  define tp_hash for some basic isc.dns classes                                 task                           5


1777  resetting vectors in auth::Query                                              enhancement                    2
1786  ZONEMGR_NO_MASTER_ADDRESS -- please submit a bug report                       defect                         5
1802  identify whether an in-memory zone is NSEC-signed at load time                task         in-memory NSEC    3
1803  "update the RBTreeNodeChain class to identify the ""previous"" node"          task         in-memory NSEC    7
1804  "update the RBTreeNodeChain class to identify the ""previous"" node (2nd par  task         in-memory NSEC    4
1805  implement getClosestNSEC() within InMemoryZoneFinder                          task         in-memory NSEC    4
1806  support NSEC for empty non-terminal in in-memory (1/2)                        task         in-memory NSEC    3
1807  support NSEC for empty non-terminal in in-memory (2/2)                        task         in-memory NSEC    3
1808  support NSEC for normal NXRRSET in in-memory                                  task         in-memory NSEC    3
1809  support NSEC for NXDOMAIN in in-memory                                        task         in-memory NSEC    3
1810  support NO_WILDCARD option in InMemoryZoneFinder::find().                     task         in-memory NSEC    3
1811  Consider how to address multiple instances                                    task                           4
1817  Cleanup object for SQLite3 statements                                         task                           4
1821  inconsistent verbose logging                                                  defect                         4
1822  review logging details                                                        task                          16
1826  Install the guide and messages document                                       enhancement                    3
1827  Install bind10 shared objects and other resources in versioned directories    defect                         5
1830  traceback in cfgmgr shutdown                                                  defect                         3
1831  MockXfrinConnection.setblocking is deprecated                                 defect                         1
1832  DeprecationWarning: Please use assertTrue instead.                            defect                         1
1834  ZONEMGR_REFRESH_ZONE  happening too often                                     defect                         3
1835  install-sh issue on OpenBSD                                                   task                           3
1837  log/print b10-dbutil command when db is out of date                           task                           2
1838  DATASRC_QUERY_NO_ZONE logged for different situations                         defect                         6
1840  handling several databases at once in b10-dbutil                              task                           3
1841  port b10-dbutil tests to lettuce                                              task                           5
1842  Integrate the b10-dbutil into system start                                    task                           5
1844  The config unset help is wrong                                                defect                         2
1848  msgq disappeared causes great shutdown confusion                              defect                         4
1849  traceback in msgq self.sendbuffs                                              defect                         5
1850  core dump at isc::server_common::portconfig::installListenAddresses when Err  defect                         4
1852  stats httpd doesn't send 'stopping' if httpd port can't be opened             defect                         3
1854  directory for configuration files                                             enhancement                    4
1855  Error: Unknown configuration identifier: datasources/                         defect                         3
1859  many auth servers results in Unable to open domain socket on macmini          defect                         5
1864  bindctl help help is indented too many                                        defect                         2
1874  xfrout traceback EOF read where not expected                                  defect                         6
1875  bindctl query zone database                                                   enhancement                   15
1876  "consistent and lowercase configuration command names, module names"          enhancement                    8
1877  bindctl: help module command                                                  enhancement                    6
1880  limit core dumps in unittests                                                 defect                         4
1881  b10-auth behavior when XFR not expected to answer                             enhancement                    6
1884  change log id STATHTTPD_ to STATSHTTPD                                        task                           2
1885  b10-stats-httpd should not run by default                                     defect                         2
1886  CACHE_LOCALZONE_UNKNOWN and CACHE_MESSAGES_UNKNOWN key should show the RR ty  defect                         2
1887  config show junk does not fail                                                defect                         3
1888  What is IncompleteName?                                                       defect                         3
1889  bind10 --config-file does not work                                            defect                         5
1890  CFGMGR_RENAMED_CONFIG_FILE misleading                                         defect                         2
1894  use labelsequence in findNSEC3                                                enhancement                    0

Sprint planning over at 15:30 UTC. Other discussion followed for a few minutes (mainly about F2F logistics)

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