Sprint Planning meeting for sprint ending 2012-04-03


  • Jeremy
  • Shane
  • Jelte
  • Michal
  • Kevin
  • Stephen
  • jinmei
  • Mukund

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed: 30

Estimated count of closed: 90

Number of tickets left new: -1 (1 left, but at least 2 added)

Estimated count of new: 4

Number of tickets assigned/in review: 11

Estimated count of active: 39

(some 'leftovers' in closed tickets from last sprint (11/34, so reasonably close to this one)

Current open defects: 259

(Last sprint: 265)

Ticket munging update: (see #1683)

Past Sprint Goals

Primary Goal:

  • Auth performance

need #1784 merged

Secondary goal:

  • NSEC3 in database datasources

low-level access written, use of that not yet (possibly no ticket either)

Possible goals:

Past Sprint General Review

#1600 has a big regression; implementor and reviewer were both new to the project, we may want to discuss this on a bi-weekly call

notice from stephen; he'll be away for the next week-and-a-half, so he'll put his items back in the queues

90 points is a new record! woohoo.

Next Sprint Goals

  • release (scheduled for March 29)
  • nsec in-mem?
  • openbsd support done?
  • db-to-mem?

Proposal: We are not going to aim for one of the 'big' features (as the release is next week and we probably won't make it)

So let's focus on defects, and make this a bug sprint. The 'goal' therefore is to kill as much bugs as possible :)

Ticket discussion

#1443 allow bind10 to run even if configuration is corrupted

Stephen: add --recover switch? (backup existing config, replace with 'empty')

new ticket: change default to not run anything?

supply some example configs?

Next Sprint Tickets

  • #1443 allow bind10 to run even if configuration is corrupted defect configuration 5
  • #1704 log output mixed defect logging 15
  • #1629 logging with garbage in it defect logging 8
  • #1733 wrong configurations used, confusion on startup order defect Unclassified 4
  • #1707 Default configuration was used when mistake in different configuration defect b10-auth 4
  • #1715 bindctl crash on config unset Boss/components/b10-auth-2 defect bind-ctl 4
  • #1172 Stats show with multiple items crashes bindctl defect bind-ctl 4
  • #1626 Error: Unable to parse response from Auth: defect b10-auth 2

Expecting , delimiter: line 1 column 87 (char 87)

  • #1627 Error: Server configuration failed: incomplete textual name defect bind-ctl 2
  • #1443 allow bind10 to run even if configuration is corrupted defect configuration 5
  • #1535 notify_out shouldn't look for NS addresses for out of zone NS names defect xfrout 3
  • #1625 config go to a list confusion defect bind-ctl 5
  • #1220 strange bindctl config show output defect bind-ctl 4
  • #1491 Boss/components config option got set to empty defect Unclassified 6
  • #1293 ZONEMGR_UNKNOWN_ZONE_FAIL: Please submit a bug report. defect Unclassified 3
  • #1775 update in-memory getAdditional() to handle wildcard match for task Unclassified 5

additional names

  • #1772 """two bind10 instances"" lettuce test fails" defect Boss of BIND 5

also add:

  • 1102 (directly to review)
  • 1732


  • New ticket to remove auth as default running component. (Related to #1443)
  • New ticket for a boss nokill flag. (Related to #1049)

#1049 timing to be discussed in later planning meeting.

Over at 15:47 (ahead of schedule!)

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