Thanks, Michal.

Sprint Planning for Sprint ending 2012-02-21


  • Jelte
  • Larissa
  • Stephen
  • Kevin
  • Jeremy
  • Aharen
  • Fujiwara
  • Michal
  • Shane
  • Kambe
  • Jinmei

Previous Sprint Summary

Tickets Closed: 14

Est. of closed: 54

Tickets in review: 7 (but some merely blocked on other tickets)

Est. of review: 23

Tickets untaken: 1 (5 of the ones in the list now have been added because the list was almost empty)

2 added tickets were taken

Michal: the untaken ticket may not really be for developers...
Jelte: I was hoping that Jeremy could take that, but we did not agree on that!
Jeremy: Move from sprints to the non-developer-tasks milestone

Previous Sprint Review

Did we reach the goals?

Base for NSEC3 in-mem implementation
Refactoring for In-mem performance improvements based on F2F research

Jelte: I think we've reached our goals.

Other comments?

Stephen: In-memory performance improvements... do we have any measurements yet?
Shane: Just re-factoring as a prerequisite, right?

Jelte: Please add proposed tickets to Next-Sprint-Proposed!!!

Next Sprint Goals

Rest of NSEC3 in-mem implementation tickets (#1580-#1587)
Some admin-bug tickets (they are piling up)

Also prioritize tickets sent in by a user

Optional discussable goals:
Perhaps also do work on NSEC3 in database backends?

Jinmei: Also #1576

Tickets for next sprint

From Goals:

#1580 auth::Query NSEC3 support: Name Error case 4

#1581 auth::Query NSEC3 support: No Data, non DS case 4

#1582 auth::Query NSEC3 support: No Data, DS case 4

#1583 auth::Query NSEC3 support: Wildcard no data case 5

#1584 auth::Query NSEC3 support: Wildcard answer case 5

#1585 auth::Query NSEC3 support: Unsigned referrals case 4

#1587 auth::Query NSEC3 support: cleanup 5

(Note, the first two have already been picked up)

Total points: 31

For this sprint:

#1576 implement ZoneFinder::findNSEC3 in in-memory data source 6

New version of SQLite misses NSEC3 support and hotspot caching.
Not converted over to refactored source.
Would need #1577, #1579, also some more primitives to SQLite interface.

Total so far: 37

ADDENDUM: Other NSEC3 tickets? (these are skipped)

#593 sharing more code in NSEC and NSEC3 0.0

#600 NSEC3 hashed name shouldn't have base32 padding 0.0

#692 response with NSEC3 for class ANY queries 0.0

#1438 NSEC3: consistent selection of NSEC3PARAM 5

#1577 implement ZoneFinder::findNSEC3 in database data source 0

#1579 Update database ZoneFinder::find() for negative cases of NSEC3-signed zones 0

#1588 system tests for NSEC3 0

#1638 NSEC3PARAM rdata should have more tests 6

#1641 Further bug(s) in NSEC3 RDATA implementation 5

Some may have been deprecated now, and not all have been estimated, but still seems worth to look at them now. (just for completeness, the total here right now is 22 points)

Concentrate on NSEC3 given our estimates. This matches our plans.

#1638 NSEC3PARAM rdata should have more tests 6

#1641 Further bug(s) in NSEC3 RDATA implementation 5

#1649 Config show allows listing non-existing sub-item in list 3

Stephen: #1629 is to do with Python logging?
Jinmei: Possible, it naively converts strings...

Current total: 55

#1534 socket creator should set IPV6_USE_MIN_MTU for AF_INET6 UDP sockets 2

#1593 Cleanup of socket creator code 4

#1643 TSIG configuration syntax should be as consistent as possible for auth and xfrout 5

would make total 62

lower prio defect: #1640 incomplete pc file for botan and wrong filename for botan-config 4

lower prio performance-related:

#1599 introduce "asiodns::UDPSyncServer" 7

#1602 Introduce dns::LabelSequence? class 7

#1605 introduce special RRset for in memory data source 5

including these it would be 85

From Proposed: (these will be skipped)

#1629 logging with garbage in it 8

#1193 New cppcheck adds new recommendations 5

#1489 added Boss component needs kind 3

#1507 Extract the common dummy classes for python (module) tests 7

#1517 adding new memory datasource zone and temporary disabled? 5

#1519 bindctl tab completion not working with numbered sets 5

#1521 Make boss process close children on SIGHUP and internal fatal errors 7

#1530 BIND10_STARTUP_ERROR error during startup: Unable to start b10-cfgmgr: 'xfrin' 5

#1535 notify_out shouldn't look for NS addresses for out of zone NS names 3

#1547 Exception AttributeError?: "'NoneType?' object has no attribute '_real_close'" ... 5

#1606 make check fails in ubuntu 3

#1612 b10-auth should catch exceptions in response building 3

#1613 auth per rcode statistics 3

#1625 config go to a list confusion 5

#1628 Wrong path to ddns.spec 2

Remove current statistics ticket, replace it with 1613?

add 1613

Just suggested:

#1136 RR type implementation: SSHFP 0 (Not for this sprint)

Other Defects?

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