Sprint planning meeting for sprint 2012-01-10 Date: 2011-12-20 Attendees












Past Sprint Summary

Tickets closed: 23 Est. of closed tickets: 62 Tickets in review: 5 Est. of tickets in review: 18 Tickets left unassigned: 10 Est. of tickets left: 43 Est. of currently assigned tickets: 10 8 tickets with no estimate in closed list? Tickets added after sprint beginning should get estimated by engineer who does it. Tickets subsumed by other work should get estimate set to 0. Past Sprint Review

Past Sprint Goals:

  • DDNS (roughly half of tickets)
  • NSEC3 (one ticket)
  • Socket creator (finish client API)

3 unassigned tickets for DDNS work, completed 2, 3 in review socket creator waiting on DDNS Jinmei: defects this sprint? Jelte: 10 (although 1 was done by another ticket) Jelte: Should include this in summary next time. Jinmei: How to interpret only 62 points being done? My feeling was productivity was not so low, so maybe just because of merging or some other organizational issue to discuss. Michal: Also a lot of tickets right before merging, and we just got a high number because of that. Jinmei: Previously proposed taking into account carried-over things. In many cases real work has already been done, and they just need review or even just need to be merged. Jelte: Did not add a note last time, so don't know how many points carried over. I did make a note now (18 points in review, and 10 accepted/assigned). Next Sprint

Goals: DDNS Jinmei: extended a week, right? [ right ] For me 2 full weeks, but some people taking off, so not sure if it's a realistic goal. Over 70 points of DDNS tickets, so not realistic for DDNS Michal: Which are really necessary? We could probably drop system tests, documentation is bad but could be dropped, communication to IXFR-out is probably optional. Socket creator Michal: If I finish the ticket I am working on, then auth would start using it right away. So there would just be cleanup tickets like removing flags no longer used. So:

We will have socket creator

We will designate 'must have' and 'should have' DDNS tickets, with the understanding that we will probably not have a fully working DDNS this release

Jinmei: good that we can make a decision based on objective results of past sprints Tickets for next sprint

  • Tickets from current sprint
    • tickets left as 'new' 1315 IXFR system test - SOA Expiry xfrin 3 1317 IXFR-in System Test - special cases xfrin 6 1399 auth per opcode statistics statistics 3 1424 query_acl rejecting even though matches resolver 4 1431 NSEC3: closest provable encloser proof Unclassified 6 1455 Add prerequisite checks to the DDNS module DDNS 6 (must have) 1456 Create diff-normalizer utility functions DDNS 5 (must have) 1460 Define system-level tests for DDNS DDNS 5 (should have) 911 time64 & Y2038 Unclassified 3

41 points 16 DDNS "new" 14 DDNS "in review"

  • Tickets for goals
  • DDNS


1454 Pass UPDATE packets from b10-auth to DDNS module DDNS 3 1458 ACL checks in DDNS module DDNS 4 1512 implement zone section processing in DDNS DDNS 6 1457 use the difference normalizer in the DDNS module DDNS 3 (only important if you use a journal) 1513 communication to b10-xfrout from b10-ddns DDNS 4

20 Are ACL checks "must" or "should"? Jelte: MUST Michal: possibly "should" should haves

1514 Update SERIAL in DDNS DDNS 4 1459 Consistency checks in DDNS module DDNS 5 1461 Implement DDNS system tests DDNS 7 1511 Documentation for b10-ddns DDNS 6

22 42 points

  • Socket creator

1508 1509 1510 10 points

  • Other Tickets from proposed

956 Message::toWire() should be TSIG agnostic libdns++ 3.0 1508 Move dropping root into sockcreator startup Boss of BIND 4 1509 Remove the username parameter and handling from bind10.ProcessInfo? Boss of BIND 3 1510 Remove the -u parameter from auth and resolver Boss of BIND 3 571 Question::toText() and newline Unclassified 2 1026 use python 3.2 in one of our buildbots Unclassified 3 1432 NSEC3: QNAME does not exist Unclassified 4 1433 NSEC3: QTYPE does not exist Unclassified 4 1471 Missing parameters on TTL fix Unclassified 2 1477 DDNS User Stories: TSIG Unclassified 0 1489 added Boss component needs kind Unclassified 3 1490 redundant logging with SRVCOMM_ADDRESS_FAIL and AUTH_CONFIG_UPDATE_FAIL and missing example Unclassified 4 1491 Boss/components config option got set to empty Unclassified 6 1492 add debug logging for when timer is triggered to notify xfrin Unclassified 3 1493 tests/system/ixfr/in-2 is missing output Unclassified 5 1494 Review environment variable use in BIND 10 Unclassified 5 1504 failing Dhcpv6SrvTest.basic and Dhcpv6SrvTest.Solicit_basic unittests Unclassified 0 1495 DEBUG log when NOTIFY is received b10-auth 2 1249 separate unittests with timeouts build system 4 1272 complete fix for clang++/freebsd build error build system 5 1501 Make install fails with relinking of sqlite3 datasource backend build system 5 1373 DataSourceClient::getIterator should differentiate no-such-zone case data source 3 1444 DATASRC_SQLITE_DROPCONN log message not useful data source 2 1055 Utility for logging message maintenance logging 8.0 1482 simple logging format checker using unittests logging 5 1280 suggestion: record xfrin-session-statistics and log it xfrin 3 1463 use ixfr-in by default xfrin 2 1464 do AXFR by 'retransfer' command xfrin 3 1502 xfrin.diff module should distinguish RRSIGs for different covered xfrin 5 1148 Make XfrOut? use global TSIG keyring xfrout 4

  • Statistics?

1448 document basic design of stats snmp interface SNMP stats 5 (continued) 1399 auth per opcode statistics statistics 3 (continued)

  • Enough defects?

#1515 2 #1501 5 #1502 5 #1518 -> too big, so mini-task of <= 1 hour as research Jeremy: note some tickets are for me on each sprint, and those skew the summary Shane: maybe move those to "0", if those are just there for tracking purposes? Jelte: developers also do things not in the process model here, probably to discuss another time Jinmei: So... don't we have too many points? Shane: Yes, but not seeing ways able to cut Jinmei: Suggested priorities:

Current ongoing tickets (of course)

Socket creator


Statistics counters

DDNS "must have"

Jinmei: How to prioritize statistics handling in this sprint? No user visible features. :( Jinmei: Propose 2 tickets for counters in authoritative server. #1399, #1400 AOB

  • any inactive task?

Stephen: Call next week? Shane: No. Stephen: Call on 3rd? Shane: Yes.

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