BIND 10 Sprint Planning meeting for Sprint-20111122

Date: 2011-11-08



Past sprint summary

Tickets closed: 17
Total estimation points for closed tickets: 86
Tickets left (new or unassigned): 5
Total estimation points for left tickets: 21

Past sprint review


  • Start with ixfr-out implementation

We did make a start.

  • Start with DDNS design

We did not make a start with this

  • continue/finish(?) datasource refactor

This work has continued, but not been finished.

Note: We need to specify our sprint goals more clearly.

Next sprint goals

  • User stories & requirements for DDNS

Steering committee requested that we do more user-story type stuff. Perhaps this topic is a good one to try those again. However, sometimes they don't really make sense, if the 'story' is simply a reference to a section in an RFC. However, apart from creating requirements from an RFC, there are a couple more we can think of (e.g. "I want the option not to run any DDNS code at all").

Jinmei: is this our interpretation of what they said or is it what they said?

Shane: They want to use them to measure applicability in business cases

Jinmei: are we going to check our interpretation with them?

Shane: We have a call later this month, and I will show them our view of how to make bind10 more visible, and this is a part fo that

Jinmei: But are we going to confirm that our interpretation matches their expectation?

Shane: I can do that, but what I had planned so far was a number of things to make our progress more visible.

Stephen: who actually asked for this?

Shane: CIRA

  • Design for DDNS (high/low?)

Current (open) ticket just says 'design', and would probably have included the above goal as well. Apart from splitting up requirements and design, we can also consider splitting up high- and low-level design (high being wether it will be a module and how interaction will work, low being actual structures and api's)

  • Finish data source

refactor NSEC work

  • Boss flexibility

currently about 5 tickets, a few of those are in review, the other ones a few days of work. But two problems: immediate restarts and missing documentation

Jelte: i would love to see this finished

Michal: should be doable

Jinmei: i think we can finish it if we focus on this. But if we also want to complete ixfr-out it will be challenging.

  • IXFR-out

See above, we plan to see how far we get, but Boss flexibility has priority.

Not really sprint-related, but two other things:

  • Time taken on a ticket? (Compared with estimate.)

We have been asked to see how accurate our estimates are. The proposal is when you close a ticket, you fill out roughly how much time it took

Jinmei: I have been experimenting with this, see for instance 1329 and:

  • Please run what we have this week, so we have fewer last-minute

things before release.

Next sprint tickets

From current sprint:

Proposal is to move forward all tickets from current sprint (they are all mentioned in next part)

For goals:

  • Boss flexibility
    • #1341 (3)
    • #1342 (4)
    • brittle mode (there might be a ticket about this) (remove the argument if we don't implement it) 7 points
  • IXFR-out
  • User stories & requirements for DDNS
  • Design for DDNS (high/low?)
  • Finish data source refactor NSEC work

8 points

Total: 53 points

Enough defects?

  • unknown formerr ticket (may still need to be created)
  • 1359 (4)
  • 1360 (5)
  • 1292 (4)
  • 1370 (3)

Other from proposed:

  • 1198 (4)


Release is scheduled for jeremy's holiday (24th). Proposal is to branch wednesday after sprint, then release next monday.

On list discuss about making sure we define the user-noticable features.

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