BIND 10 Sprint Planning Meeting

2011-05-17 14:30 UTC



Review of Past Sprint - Organizational

Did we achieve the goals of the Sprint?

The goals of the sprint were:

  • Finish TSIG
  • Continue to add logging
  • Update documentation on added features before the release
  • Bug fixes

TSIG not quite complete. Lots of stuff in review. XFROUT not started.

Documentation not done. Jeremy can go through today and see what is missing.

Jeremy: where does logging output go?

Jelte: it goes to stderr, but output does look different.

Michal: stdout, not stderr.

Shane: Total was 51 completed points, had been around 80. Was a number of holidays.

Jinmei: And a week of RIPE meeting.

Shane: Some tickets with 0.

Michal: In some cases these were subtasks.

Larissa: When looking at sprint at end of release cycle, how early can we tell if we are not going to be done?

Review of Past Sprint - Technical

Jinmei: There are many dependencies between TSIG related tickets, like XFRIN depends on Python libraries. It also depends on configuration stuff for TSIG keys. It also depends on C++ libraries in the first place of course. It makes it quite difficult. We tried to develop several things in parallel, even if some things are dependent. That might be one technical issue.

Jinmei: We did not notice we needed to have TSIG supported authoritative server when we started the project if I remember correctly. So we put it to the sprint at quite a late stage. Such an additional task might be a technical issue.

Shane: Why do we need this?

Jinmei: For XFROUT the secondary server needs to send an SOA query with TSIG.

Shane: We tried to have enough tasks so people would not stall if they are waiting on a dependent task. Maybe we need to make it clear which tasks are the most important.

Jinmei: Maybe if you do not know many of the details of a task that has been parallelized you may be afraid to pick it up and will try to do something else.

Sprint Planning

What will we do about the TSIG and release?

Several possibilities:

Release "as is"
Larissa: is it useable?

Jinmei: Partially

Release on Thursday, with 1 day of additional work
Shane: Is this okay from Scrum?

Larissa: If it makes a big differerence, then we don't want to damage release to follow Scrum.

Jeremy: Thursday was scheduled all along. We added Botan, but I thought Jelte wanted to improve it to be more portable. Right now the release will be difficult for some of our audience to use. Still we need to get out a snapshot because there are numerous fixes.

Shane: Ticket already for multiple versions? [ nobody knows... ]

Jelte: Even if we delay one day we won't have most of visible TSIG.

Michal: We need ACLs for most of the things anyway.

Shane: Ticket #914 reviewed (finish XFRIN), ticket #811 reviewed (config), ticket #915 (TSIG complete) reviewed

Don't release
Jeremy: I think we should do a snapshot because we have fixes from end of March.

Michal: Want to show that we are alive?

Jinmei: When will we freeze the repository for release?

Shane: When we finish these 3 tickets?

Jinmei: Depending on that I think we can include XFRIN in the next release, if we do it well.

Jeremy: Botan improvements later?

Jelte: Would be nice...

Jinmei: Can't do both...

Jeremy: Being able to compile is probably more important.

Shane: We'll see how much progress we make in the next 24 hours, if we need to I'll make a decision tomorrow.

Release late
Shane: Prefer not to, but it may be possible to release, say, Friday.

Jeremy: This is just a snapshot.

Shane: First one this year, and I want to make sure we have externally visible features in each release.

What are the goals for the forthcoming release?

See Year3Plan:

Release: Y3-2
Date:    2011-06-30
Grant feature progress:
    * ACLs completed
    * High-performance data source
    * Refactor of data sources
    * Profiling of refactored data sources

Additional progress: 
    * DNSSEC for in-memory started (NSEC completed)
    * Logging conversion completed (logging work completed)
    * msgq replacement
    * Work on supporting all RRTYPE codes started

    * The refactoring of data sources combines work on the SQL
      and in-memory data sources, and allows a lot of additional
      further work.

Shane: I think I prefer ACLs.

Michal: Like TSIG, there are lots of dependencies.

Jinmei: Looking at the list, many of them require design work before starting development. It is difficult to estimate how long that takes, and it will make dependencies like we saw in the TSIG work. It seems to be difficult to have a reasonable sense of probability of how much of them we can get. But prioritizing ACLs seems to be a good idea in any case.

Jinmei: Is there a possibility that we include a "cool" feature, not necessarily mandatory for the production readiness.

Michal: You mean like running on your phone or something?

Jinmei: Something like plugins.

Jinmei: Would be nice if we could achieve one other feature, that is not necessary for everyone but makes it attractive for other people. Jelte: One thing that makes it distinctive.

Larissa: We're having a challenge keeping up with the features we have. Shane: Current plan is focussed on production readiness. Unless there are specific proposals, I'm going to leave it at that.

Jinmei: Maybe some features of logging could be considered that. For example having a unique ID referring to a description elsewhere for example.

Shane: So, we'll focus on ACLs, and do the others at the same time when we are waiting on design work (for example). Priorities:

  • ACLs
  • Logging
  • Refactoring data sources
  • DNSSEC support for in-memory
  • RRTYPE support
  • msgq replacement

What are the goals for the forthcoming sprint?

  • Finishing TSIG
  • Jinmei reports additional tasks, like supporting truncated signatures
  • If Botan fix is not in release, needs to be prioritized
  • Also disable dependency on Botan #895
  • Should prioritize tasks related to build failures
  • Sunstudio with Botan (#895 hides that problem)
  • Move defects to next sprint

Estimate Points:

Points from review queue now 22
Points in "new" tickets 13
Points in assigned tickets 17
Total 52

Tasks for Next Sprint

ACL tickets are #766 to #772. We should commit to #766, #767 (define ACLs). Also #817, since that will require investigation, and #736 (logging configuration)

Bug Fixes
#867 is confusing to the user

Jinmei: Call for defects before sprint planning.

Shane: Good idea.

Jeremy: Normally I send 5 to 10 to Stephen.


Jeremy: Other related tickets to #736. #555, #562, #736, #737, and #899.

Jeremy: #898 was in last sprint, but goal not defined. I think can be closed.

Shane: Need to ask Stephen

(Note added on 2011-05-18: this ticket was closed and is regarded as being completed in the sprint. This increases the number of estimate points completed.)

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