BIND 10 Sprint planning




No retrospective - did that at face to face

First sprint planning of Y3

Sent spreadsheet - feedback received from Michal, Jelte, & Stephen

Next feature is TSIG - in 3 sprints

TSIG has dependencies #781 #810 (#735 - logging - may also depend on this) #811

Jelte suggests until we have full ACL support that this is just one string value into list of zones that we currently mange. Michal points out that this is only in #670 branch which should be merged soon enough. Jelte mentions we also need something similar for primary zone. Michal mentions that we need to add to configuration. Since nothing will use it yet it's only a little bit of code. Jelte: If we represent as a simple string value then we need something to convert to/from that. Probably 2 methods in whatever we use to represent TSIGs.

#812 and #813 were "nice to have" - these depend on the crypto library

#782 is the crypto implementation

Jelte estimates 5, Stephen & Michal estimate 13. Michal: if it turns out to be too big, we can split it at implementation time (depends on design) Michal: We don't know how many functions there are, and also every time we introduce a library Jelte stays late fighting with the build bots.

#814, #815, #816 not start in this sprint

Other work: Logging #735 investigate BIND 9 logging #736 implement logging configuration #737 implement BIND 9 or stdout+file+syslog logging

Another "red" task is #765: investigate msgq alternatives

Michal: Maybe split into smaller tasks? Had a list of msgq's we wanted to look at. Each one can be looked at by different people. We may create multiple tickets for them. Shane: Okay, break into individual msgq-thingies. Have to handle via e-mail.

More "red" tasks: #806, implement RP type #807, improve error message

Shane: we have 45 to 60 points in the red & orange here Michal: plus we have reviews Michal: and we have "new" tasks still, and I have #615

Review of tickets in current sprint #366 socket creator needs review #536 not really needed... may throw away #608 needs someone to have a look at

No abandoned tickets, owned by someone, but the are work that has to be done.

What to put on Sprint In past we have put more tasks than we have work for. Proposal: add 'red' as 'critical', 'orange' as 'major' and maybe 'yellow' as 'minor'

I did not look to find bugs to add to this sprint. Looking at list... #684 #775 #833

We had no e-mail about new meeting time. AP: Shane to send out new meeting schedule.

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