Query for EXAMPLE.COMM (non-existent TLD)

Query for records from the root zone (don't follow delegation):

dig -t ns .

Query every type of RR that there is

Jelte suggests just use first 500 types...

Check we can follow a CNAME, 2 CNAME, ..., 20 CNAME delegations (should fail at 16 or so) within one zone

Check we can follow a CNAME, 2 CNAME, ..., 20 CNAME delegations (should fail at 16 or so) across zone boundaries

Check looping CNAME within one zone

Check looping CNAME across zone boundaries

Check behavior on CD bit

Test following normal delegation chain (1 zone, 2 zones, 3 zones, ...)

Up to 34 for IPv6, or possibly up to 127 (?) as maximum delegation.

Can be done using different servers or views.

Test a lame delegation

Test glue to same server that answered the query.

Test to get query not out of cache (AA set).

Test to get query out of cache (AA not set).

Make sure TTL is decreasing

Make sure it expires.

(also for negative)

Test where NS in parent not the same as in the child.



TCP fallback

Check communication between machines with different "endian-ness" to ensure that host <-> network byte order conversion is correct.

EDNS (???)

Resolver should set DO bit

Query ID is random... (well, different)

NSAS test? Lots of packets to a few servers, and make sure the selection is roughly the same.

IPv4 & IPv6 test

Test 0/1/2... TTL, especially with glue

Resiliency check? Jeremy may use nmsg for this, Jelte notes that ldns and drill can serve specific hex data. evldns could be used to write a fuzzer.

Check CH or other type

Stephen suggests we look at this at the end of the meeting next week. Jeremy notes there is a Python version of Cucumber that might be interesting.

Jeremy says he'll use something portable for this.. shell scripts and awk and things like that. Shane suggests this can all go in the Git repository.

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