R-team minutes December 28 2010


Previous Sprint status is on the wiki at:

Old tickets:
327 is complete with heroic effort
384 is actually several tickets but related ones where fixing one may fix he others. This seems to still be outstanding but worth doing.

Tasks for this sprint:
Query demultiplexer: no work yet
Recursive cache: API is done Likun sent mail to the dev list but has not gotten feedback yet he and ocean are now coding the "quick and dirty" version. We need someone  to review this. 
Recursive API design is waiting for Mark Andrews review next week
Logging design needs review but Stephen is also now working on implementation we think.

Outstanding tickets: 

Other bugs: focusing on y2 milestones over other bugs for now due to time restraints.

Planning next sprint:

Incomplete tasks:
--Continue logging API design and implementation work need precise status from Stephen 
--continue quick and dirty recurs or cache - likun and ocean will continue work on this - estimate that this will be finished end of next week before the face to face meeting
-- may not have enough time to hook the cache to the forwarding code - but we really want to. 
--continue bindctl  printing of configuration data
--Likun suggests at the face to face we discuss how the cache and e NSAS work together.

Jeremy suggests some EOU work need to be done t get the forwarder into a decent state as you have to start and stop the auth server to get it going. Configuration management is also broken. - scott might be able to pick this up during inevitable delays with multiplexer design review   but we are not committed to this task yet Jeremy opened 13 tickets when he started using the recursor 

Release date is the week after the face to face with a goal of fixing some of these bugs during the sprint

On consideration we are going to not approach the demultiplexer in favor of stabilizing the reviewer for a user friendly release. Scott and jelte can focus on these issues. Then we can move into the new functionality after the face to face meeting.

New tasks:
We want the quick and dirty cache finished -and hopefully linked to the recursor - Likun and Ocean
Want logging API finished - need status from Stephen, Scott will review
Mark reviews recursive logic
Scott will work on recursive usability issues and jelte will join as time allows
Jeremy and Shane will generate list of usability issues.

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