Minutes of R-Team Sprint Planning Session, 2010-11-16



Review of Tasks

The task list on the Just-Completed R-Team Sprint was reviewed:

Refactoring: put in library for DNS Services

Refactoring authoritative and recursive tests
Likun has completed this and it has been reviewed by Michal. There are some small changes still to be made; as Likun is away for most of this sprint, Michal will make the changes. He will put them out to review by someone else.

Review of All Tasks

Configuration to determine whether to run authoritative or recursive server
Outstanding. This does not depend on other tasks.

Demux: design phase 1 & 2

Ticket #408: General Control Logic
In progress. Michal feels that it should be the subject of a review before further work is undertaken on it.

Logic to Handle NS and A Queries
Michal feels that the general control logic task has covered part of this. Stephen said that the breakdown of these two tasks was a bit arbitrary so it was not surprising.

Logic to update RTT
Complete pending a small number of changes after review.

Address Selection Logic/RTT Banding

Ticket #403: Fix the "/" bug
Completed although awaiting Jelte to make some small changes.

Add basic support for addressing individual list items
Status unknown (Assigned to Jelte)

Fix bindctl printing of config data
Status unknown (Assigned to Jelte)

Reviews (#389, #393, #401)

There was a discussion about the branches off ticket #327. There are currently three branches off #327: #393, #401 and #402. It was agreed that these should be merged back into #327, the "Review of all tasks" carried out and then #327 merged back into trunk. After that, the "Refactoring: put in library for DNS Services" task can be done.


The team's availability for the next two-week sprint is:

  • Aharen - working on the statistics counter module
  • Jelte - back on 22 November
  • Fujiwara - unable to work on BIND-10 in this period
  • Likun - back on 29 November
  • Michal - 36 hours during the sprint (4.5 eight-hour days)
  • Ocean - 50% time (5 days)
  • Stephen - able to spend about 75% time on technical work

Task Assignments

It was felt that the remaining tasks provided enough work for the sprint. After some discussion, the following assignments were agreed:

  • Aharen - continue working on the statistics module
  • Michal - continue doing general control logic and NS/A query logic
  • Ocean - RTT banding (occupy for entire sprint)
  • Stephen - look at configuration to determine to run authoritative/recursive server
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