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    156156- Timeout
    157 - Re-Factoring to make more reusable (Comment in Trac ticket)
     157  estimate: 1w
     158- Re-Factoring to make more reusable (Comment in Trac ticket) library with services for DNS servers
     159  estimate: 3d to move it, 2d to massage it (verify tests are in the right place, and so on)
    158160- I/O service implementation constructor to be more generalized  (Comment in Trac ticket)
    159 - Separate object in library shared by authoritative & recursive binaries  (Comment in Trac ticket)
    160 - Common tests between two which should be moved into unit tests
    161 - Refactoring of auth & recursive tests (moving into common file)
    162 - Add logging (said would add notes)
     161  estimate: 0.5d
     162- Refactoring of auth & recursive tests (moving into common file) (going through tests in auth & recurse, making a single .cc file that can be used by both)
     163  estimate: 1d
     164- Add logging (said would add notes where events should be logged)
     165  estimate: 2d
     166- Review of all tasks together
     167  estimate: 1d
     168- Review of Evan's existing work (Trac 327)
     169  estimate: 2h
    164172== General Framework ==
    166174- Configuration to determine whether to run recursive or auth binary
     175  estimate: 3d
    167177- Definitions of various parameters for recursive server & addition to configuration database (currently only forward name server)
     178  estimate: 1d
    169180Stephen: How much tuning by configuration vs. rebuild binaries? For example size of hash tables.
    179190Stephen: Yes, but that's additional code.
    181 - Built in root zone, and way to ask for more root zone (priming queries) - Evan suggests this is part of general logic.
    183 - Merging Evan's code (ticket #327)
     192x Built in root zone, and way to ask for more root zone (priming queries) - Evan suggests this is part of general logic.
    185194== demux ==
    210219Stephen: I can e-mail the photograph of the diagram.
     221- Design phase 1 (Evan brain dump)
     222  estimate: 1d
     223- Design phase 2
     224  estimate: 1d
    212226== NSAS ==
    216230Stephen: I've checked in some of the basic classes.
    218 - Fundamental data structures are there.
     232Fundamental data structures are there.
    219234- Include logic to handle NS queries.
     235  estimate: 1w
    220236- Include logic to update RTT.
     237  estimate: 1d
    221238- Address selection logic.
     239  estimate: 3d
    222240- RTT banding.
     241  estimate: 2d
    223242- Overall logic.
     243  estimate: 1w
    225245Jeremy: Does the address store cache other information like DS records that correspond with NS records?
    243263Evan: The existing data source model is that we call a function and it provides a complete answer. That needs to change, because we are going to have a model where we get a partial answer and need to go someplace to get the answer completed. Need to have a way to have an object with a partial answer that you can add enough partial answers to get a full answer.
     265= Estimation =
     267(inserted above)
     269= Task Selection =
     271Stephen: Coming to end of meeting. Propose Stephen & Larissa will extract tasks. Short call for task selection?
     273Larissa: Everyone doing coding is on Eastern hemisphere call. Can we do that tomorrow?
     275Stephen: Can spend next half hour doing that. Does that sound okay?
     277= Closing =
     279Stephen: Anything else?
     281Michal: Will choosing of task work like, everyone choosing task until gone, or...?
     283Stephen: We'll sort that out tomorrow. We're talking about a 2-week sprint. Bear in mind this is first pass of estimating. Almost certainly all numbers are underestimates.
     285Larissa: Thanks for working with the new process.
     287Michal: If I am not sure I can do any of this without help...? Can I ask someone to help or?
     289Stephen: There will be people on line to help. Don't worry about that... we're all feeling our way through this. Okay, that's it then.