To Do List for Kea

Running list of things that need to be checked, fixed, added. Please anyone, feel free to add to this list.

(1) Support for multi-tenancy. In particular, the ability to support multiple home gateways each using the same template of RFC1918 addresses.

(2) DDNS GSS-API. This was planned for release 0.9 and was moved out of that release when it was re-formed into a BIND10-ectomy release.

(3) Storing static host reservations in the SQL database (MySQL, later also Postgres). This feature was planned for 0.9.1 release but later deferred to post 1.0 due to time constraints.

(4) Command Control Interface which would support sending commands to the DHCP server to trigger certain actions. The design is expected to be done prior to 1.0 release. (implemented in 0.9.2-beta)

(5) Use of client identifier vs MAC address to identify the client. The RFC 2131 seems to say that client id is a primary identifier, but some real deployments prefer MAC addresses because client id get randomized frequently or is otherwise broken (e.g. non-unique). We should revise our use of client identifier and possibly come up with some configuration switches to control whether client id or MAC address is a primary identifier to be used by the server.

(6) Update the DHCPv6 server to support RFC7550. This fixes a number of problems with the combined use of IA_NA and IA_PD in a single DHCP session.

(7) Rip-off any remaining BIND10 code which we don't use in Kea.

(8) Implement support for assigning multiple IPv6 addresses in a single IA_NA, to facilitate the graceful renumbering. The new lease is assigned while the old lease lifetime is being decreased during renewals and eventually expires.

(9) Implement lease expiration with the ability to remove DDNS records and execute the hooks for each lease: planned for 1.0.

(10) Implement database connection failure recovery.

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