Kea Multi-tenancy support

WARNING: This is just an experiment. Major mechanisms are likely to break down if you try it. Do not run in production!

Multi-tenancy is a property of DHCP server to handle multiple overlapping address spaces. A good real life example may be multiple hot spots, each serving the same private address space. This functionality breaks down the fundamental principle most DHCP servers are built upon - no duplicate addresses allowed.

As of Kea 1.3, it does not support multi-tenancy. This page serves as a scratch pad for ideas, requirements and perhaps bits of a design discussing what would have to be changed in the code to make it possible.

Interested user:

Experiment 1: using MySQL:

  1. Alter the schema to remove address being primary key. Instead there would be composite key: PRIMARY KEY(address, subnet_id)
    alter table lease4 DROP PRIMARY KEY;
    alter table lease4 add PRIMARY KEY (address, subnet_id);
  1. open file src/lib/dhcpsrv/ and edit out safety check. the code should look like this:
    CfgSubnets4::add(const Subnet4Ptr& subnet) {
        if (getBySubnetId(subnet->getID())) {
            isc_throw(isc::dhcp::DuplicateSubnetID, "ID of the new IPv4 subnet '"
                      << subnet->getID() << "' is already in use");
        } // extra sanity check used to be here.

and recompile.

  1. Define the same subnet twice. Make sure it has different relay ip addresses. See attached config example.
  1. Run kea: kea-dhcp4 -c multi-tenant.json

Send traffic from a client behind relay It will get an address from subnet 1. Send traffic from another client behind relay It will get an address from subnet 2.

Problems: the leases are still unique. First client got The second one got, because Kea detected that there's a lease for the first address being considered: and retried with the next one.

This would require altering AllocEngine::allocateOrReuseLease4 to not use getLease4(address), but use getLease4(address, subnet-id) and such a call is not implemented.

Result (as of 1.3.0)

You can tweak Kea to accept multiple copies of the same subnet with a small patch that disables sanity checking. The proper solution will be to add a configuration knob to enable multi-tenancy and then if it's enabled, skip some sanity checks and do additional ones (like require that the other copy of existing subnet to have a different relay-ip address).

You can kind of make it work, but Kea will not be able to make a difference between subnets when checking if lease is available or not. Thus you'd end up eating up leases fast. If your pool is big enough ( perhaps this would be acceptable.

To solve it properly, we'd have to:

  • remove getLease4(addr) call. This will break down all sorts of things.
  • add getLease4(addr, subnet-id). This will require updating all backends to support it (c++ code, the schemas, indices etc)

It's still a mystery how various parts of the code will react. Some will choke for sure.

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