The January 2011 is the last BIND 10 meeting of the project's 2nd year. As such, the focus of the meeting will be on insuring that we are able to deliver what we need to.

We will have 2 team dinners. Since some of the team are leaving Thursday evening, we are restricted to Monday to Wednesday. We'll go out once with the BIND 10 team, and once with the BIND 10 team and some other ISC staff.

We will have lunch brought in on Monday and Wednesday, other days we will probably go out for lunch.


Everything will be as usual, in the office at 950 Charter Street. We'll start at 09:30 and end around 17:00.


Monday, 2011-01-10

"So you want to be a BIND 10 developer..."

The entire team is not arriving until late Monday morning. So, I'll begin the meeting by having a session covering the basics of BIND 10. This is mostly intended for those who have not been to a BIND 10 face to face meeting before, so Ocean, Aharen-san, and Scott. Everyone else is welcome to sit in the session but also welcome to break off into other rooms for discussions, or work by themselves, or whatever.

Opening Remarks

When everyone arrives, we'll officially open the meeting, with our standard opening.

  • Greetings & Salutations
  • Introductions
  • Meeting roles & etiquette
  • Meeting goals
  • Meeting plan overview


GIT tutorial

  • specific to BIND 10 development
  • comparison with SVN commands we used before
  • group discussion on hints and tips
  • (ahead of time have wikipage with details; we will have already switched to git the week prior)

What is left for BIND 10 Year 2?

The afternoon will be a whiteboard session figuring out what is left for Year 2. This is expected to take the entire afternoon, but we'll break to make sure we don't go crazy from an uninterrupted 4-hour long meeting.

Tuesday, 2011-01-11

What is a recursor?

A whiteboard session where we discuss what the feature set of a recursor, and prioritize each of them.

R-Team Sprint Planning

We'll finally do a face-to-face sprint planning session for the R-Team!


A-Team Sprint Planning

And also for the A-Team!

What does it mean to be production ready?

We'll be looking at the various issues about what a production ready server means.

Wednesday, 2011-01-12

Year 3 direction and goals

Open discussion about the next year of BIND 10.


We'll have a presentation about the statistics work in BIND 10.


Testing suite

A presentation about recursive testing as defined.

Thursday, 2011-01-13

Command Tool

We'll discuss the command tool as proposed by Jerry Scharf's work.

Sprint refining and release strategy

Figuring out how we're going to structure the remaining sprints in Year 2.


Feedback from users

Presentation about the survey of users that we made.

Friday, 2011-01-14

Scrum meetings & planning

  • Definition of "done"
  • Talk about the effectiveness of estimates, planning poker, Scrum in general

Additional Topics Not Yet Scheduled

Performance and resource usage benchmarks

  • go over Jeremy's graphs and HTML reports

Developer documentation

  • integrating the Doxygen-generated docs with higher-level docs
  • show examples

Reducing amount of communication channel protocols and speeding up msgq and making it more robust or featureful

  • open discussion

How the NSAS and cache should work together

  • discussion about the model for interaction between these two cache-like components


  • Jeremy (and Michal?) talk about benchmarking & the results
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