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    4949Replacement of keys in a zone requires careful sequencing of events to ensure that name resolution is unaffected during the process. (Some of the issues involved can be found [ here].)  For this reason, the scope of the management software includes the addition and removal of keys from the zone as well as communication with the BIND10 signing component with regards to what keys should be used to sign the zone.
     51== Windows Port ==
     53BIND 9 supports Windows, but it is very much a Unix application forced to run in a Windows environment. We would like for BIND 10 to consider Windows a "first-class citizen". However, none of the current sponsors use Windows, and our developers all use Unix on their own systems, so it has not been a high priority. We would prefer that a free - at least as in beer - compiler was used for the port, so that people could hack on BIND 10 without having to pay a lot of money for a compiler.
     55Involved in this project would be:
     57 * Updating the build system to work in a Windows-friendly way
     58 * Figuring out the best model for concurrency and reliability (the Unix system uses multiple processes)
     59 * Implementing alternate mechanisms when necessary