Kea on github

Kea sources are available on github. See

There are a number of labels used on github. Here is what they represent:

  • awaiting-contributor - that label means that the original contributor (or some who would like to take over this PR) is expected to do something with the branch. The details are explained in the comments, but usually something about the code should be changed (added unit-tests, fix errors, write missing documentation etc.)
  • developer-needed - that label says that the PR needs some attention from Kea developer. ISC engineers will apply that label to mark something on their todo list, but contributors can also set it to draw ISC folks attention.
  • bug - this PR addresses a bug
  • duplicate - this PR is a duplicate of other PR, a trac ticket or perhaps fixed something that is already fixed on master. When this label is set, the PR is typically closed.
  • feature - this PR adds a new feature. If the new capability is very small, maybe it's better to use 'enhancement' label instead?
  • enhancement - this PR improves something that is already in the code. If the improvement is significant, maybe it's better to use 'feature' label instead?
  • help wanted - this PR could use some help. For various reasons ISC engineers can attend it on their own (there's only a very small number of engineers working on Kea). If you're looking for ways to help Kea project, taking care of a PR with help wanted on it is a great way to start.
  • Kea1.2, Kea1.3, Outstanding (and other deep purple labels) - these represent Kea milestones. Once assigned by ISC engineers, it's a designation that this PR will be taken care as part of a milestone. Please DO NOT assign this yourself if you're not from ISC.
  • outdated - Sadly, sometimes we drop the ball and let the code get old without handling it in reasonable time frame. As a result, the patch requires some non-trivial merging or rebasing. We will label such cases with outdated.
  • review-needed - This PR is awaiting review. It is mostly used by ISC engineers, but feel free to use it. Also, if you'd like to contribute to the project by reviewing code, feel free to take a look at one of the PRs with this label.
  • unittests-needed - This is #1 case for PRs being stalled. As explained in Kea Contributor's Guide (, Kea is a test driven development. In plain words is means that we need unit-tests for every new code. People who contribute their patches often are not aware of that. This label is used to designate such PRs that perhaps are ok, but lack unit-tests. ISC engineers can't merge any code without unit-tests. In rare isolated cases, we will write the missing unit-tests on our own, but please do not depend on it.
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