By far the easiest way to get into the center of Amsterdam from the airport is with the train.

The train station is underneath the airport, there are escalators and elevators down. You want to get a train and ticket to Amsterdam Centraal.

The best way to get tickets is at the vending machines in the plaza above the platforms. The machines support various languages and should be clear enough. They take credit cards, debit cards, and cash. I would recommend 2nd class - there really is no advantage to going 1st class, unless you want to be sure that everyone in the car you are traveling in is wearing a business suit. A 2nd class ticket costs €3.70; there is no discount for return tickets unless they are used the same day. If you really want to buy a ticket from a person, then there are counters for that; there is an additional fee and you will have to wait in line behind people buying elaborate, trans-continental sets of tickets.

Trains leave about 4 times an hour, and take about 20 minutes travel time. (Note that if you are arriving very early or very late, they may not be running.) You can see exact times and prices here, search from Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal:

Amsterdam is a small city, and it's a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Amsterdam central station to the RIPE NCC offices. If your hotel is far away, you can take a tram. The web site for the public transport in Amsterdam is here:

For people attending a meeting, probably the best thing is just to buy a single-hour ticket from the conductor. The conductors all speak English and are willing to answer questions, although in rush hour it will be harder as you will have people behind you in a hurry to get to or from work.

If you really hate the idea of public transport, then you can of course take a taxi. It will cost more than €40, and will take 40 minutes or so. They will probably insist on cash.

There is also a site that you can use to get transit information about any two points in Holland:

It knows about all of the various schedules and suchlike, and will serve you better than trying to use Google Maps or something like that.

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