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    7777 * if they have spent time translating 500 messages and we add another 100 scattered through the message files, asking them to manually reapply their changes represents a lot of work.  It would be much better to have a system whereby their changes are picked up automatically and if they have not given a translation for a particular message, the default supplied with the distribution is used.
    7878 * although we can could change the text in a message without impact, changing the order or types of arguments could cause problems if the user has translated the message string.  In these cases we should stipulate that a new message be created with a new identification and the old one retired.
     80[Comment] ''Very nicely done. For what it's worth, I am a big fan of using #defines and numerical codes for this sort of thing. static const char* isn't always the right thing to do (after all, there are times when it is appropriate to use goto statements) and in this case, the use of the internal #define code hides the underlying numerical value (which could be organized or not) and the code could be translated into a string in something like an enum. Coding is straight forward and is only an issue if two or more developers add codes at the same time in different branches which must be later merged. Furthermore, this approach supports both localization and (as illustrated above) verbosity which could be a compile- (or run-) time selection.''