BIND 10 DHCP Conference Call

11 October 2012, ~09:30 PDT/17:30 BST/18:30 CEST



Actions from Previous Meetings

17 September 2012

  • Stephen - review #2143.
  • Shane - review #2143.
  • Stephen - send performance report to project sponsors & arrange meeting.
  • Marcin - update BIND 10 ChangeLog as part of final perfdhcp task.
  • Stephen - create tasks for configuration support.
  • Stephen - update project plan with new staff assignments.

4 October 2012

  • Stephen - look at dhcping.
    Complete. This is distributed with Ubuntu. With the "-V" option, it will print the packet contents and interpret the fields for both the sent and received packet. It is only for V4 and able to sent either a DHCPREQUEST or a DHCPINFORM packet. There is no way to specify options.
  • Jeff - look at Tahi Suite

The following actions were from 17 September 2012 but were inadvertently omitted from discussion at this meeting- they will be carried over to the next meeting.

  • Marcin - discuss OpenBSD timeout issue with Jeremy
  • Stephen - confirm that MySQL will be the first database back end implemented.
  • Marcin - review DHCP 2012 and close duplicates


Working on the common code for the v6/v4 option definitions. This is currently going through review. It was agreed that after finishing this, the idea would be to get this into the current code, leaving sub-options and user-defined options until later. The idea is:

  • Add support for (some) standard options.
  • Get values from configuration manager.

Shawn mentioned that there are is a standard list of seven options that are included by default, some of which include suboptions:

  • Message type
  • Server ID
  • Lease time
  • Subnet mask
  • Domain name
  • Domain name server

Finished merging #2140 (abstract API). Two other tickets have been merged (DHCPv6 configuration handling, DHCPv6 configuration storage). He is working on code that will parse the configuration, and can then move onto the allocation engine.

Working on database schema and database access code. The schema will be submitted for review tomorrow, after which he will start on the access code.

Other Issues

Jeremy has created ticket #2307 regarding the addition of a "man" page for perfdhcp to the distribution.

This is a low-priority task and the documentation will be added when time permits.


  • Marcin - discuss OpenBSD timeout issue with Jeremy.
  • Stephen - confirm that MySQL will be the first database back end implemented.
  • Marcin - review DHCP 2012 and close duplicates.
  • Jeff - look at Tahi Suite.
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