BIND 10 DHCP Conference Call

9 July 2012, ~11:30 PDT/19:30 BST/20:30 CEST



Actions from Last Meeting (25 June 2012)

(Not discussed at this meeting, note added when writing up minutes)

  • Tomasz - produce proposals concerning fixed leases
    Complete - Tomasz has sent round proposals.

Kea Vision

Stephen was concerned that we have not documented the convincing case for Kea. We should be identifying the shortcomings of ISC DHCPv4 and the advantages of Kea.

There are obvious reasons why Kea will be better:

  • Owing to the way it was written, ISC DHCP cannot be extended in desirable ways (e.g. multiprocessor support) without significant effort.
  • We can take advantage of the common availability of tools such as SQL to allow more features.

We should have a place on the wiki that documents this information.

Action Stephen/Larissa - produce Kea "vision" document

Use Cases

We don't have a clear idea of where we want to end up. We need some use-cases to document this.

Action Larissa - send Stephen details of customer use-cases
Action Stephen - write up use-cases on the wiki

Conformance Testing

How do we know whether Kea meets the RFCs?. In fact, how do we know what the RFCs require?

ISC has been approached to write a conformance suite to test DNS against the RFCs - perhaps this could be used as the basis?

There are some DHCP conformance tests, the Tahi suite: however these only cover some of the IPv6 requirements. This was felt not to be a problem - for those RFCs covered by the Tahi tests, passing the tests indicates conformance. (There may be qualifications on the tests though: some clients are weird, and the ISC software may be more liberal in what it accepts than the Tahi suite.)

In the long term, Stephen wanted to start documenting the requirements of the RFCs in a way that allows us to easily test whether we meet them or not (e.g. see RfcCompliance for BIND 10 DNS).

Summary of Actions

  • Stephen/Larissa - produce Kea "vision" document
  • Larissa - send Stephen details of customer use-cases
  • Stephen - write up use-cases on the wiki
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