DHCP-related activity in IETF

This page describes DHCP-related drafts in IETF that ISC is directly involved or are of interest.

Route configuration over DHCPv6

Route configuration over DHCPv6: draft-ietf-mif-dhcpv6-route-option. This proposal was adopted by MIF (Multiple Interfaces) working group in IETF. It went up to WGLC (workgroup last call) when it experienced a fierce opposition by small, but very vocal group. IETF makes decisions based on consensus and support or opposition is expressed on mailing lists. Currently it is not decided yet, if we are allowed to continue this work or not. It helps a lot if you can voice your support for this draft on MIF mailing list. You may want to review this post and following discussion. (Warning: it is 100+ posts long). It is very useful to explain your use case, how you are planning to use this feature. Simply voicing a support is also nice, but extending it with use case makes your voice stronger. It doesn't require much effort. A simple mail sent to mif @ will do (you may need to subscribe to be able to post, see You can unsubscribe immediately after posting, if youu are not interested in follow-up discussion.).

High-Availability and DHCPv6 Failover

Mapping IPv4 and IPv6

  • draft-mdt-softwire-map-dhcp-option - MAP is a new work initiated in Softwires WG. It is an attempt to unify many proposals for handling IPv4 traffic in IPv6 networks. MAP document describes a generic mechanism for mapping between an IPv4 prefix, address or parts thereof, and transport layer ports and an IPv6 prefix or address. Aforementioned document defines provisioning mechanism over DHCPv6.


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