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    11Jelte Jansen, Alan Clegg, Carsten Strotmann, and Shane Kerr represented BIND 10 at the Open Source Lounge in CeBIT 2010.
     5Jelte and Alan in front of the BIND 10 booth. You can see the flyers we are handing out, plus the JPRS pamphlet (we only had one, but people could read it).
     9CeBIT is a vast, sprawling trade show. We were in a tiny corner (not visible here).
     13Our stand once we got our ''BIND 10: DNS Software's Next Generation'' stickers.
     17The team talking to conference goers. (I think Alan is showing off BIND 9.7, which he loves so much that I let it slide.)
     21Our upgraded stand, mentioning DNS and DNSSEC on the theory that people who don't know what BIND is may know DNS. Someone had stolen our JPRS flyer by this point.
     25Alan explaining the wonders of BIND 10 to a visitor.
     29Jelte showing off BIND 10's cool new configuration mechanism.
     33Carsten talking to a visitor about BIND 10.
     37This is the cabin where Carsten and Shane stayed. Jelte and Alan had an almost identical one, although the tables were different colors. Sadly there were no bikesheds we could compare color schemes on.