This page documents some steps for using the BIND 9 system tests within BIND 10. BIND 10 calls it "systest". It is currently ran on one of the automated build systems. BIND 10 only has a very small subset of the BIND 9 tests contained under tests/system source directory -- we may port over others as desired.

The system tests require some interfaces already setup with local addresses. Run "tests/system/ up" as root to configure the interfaces.

It also uses built code in existing BIND 9 source tree (already been built). Set the environment variable BIND9_TOP to the BIND 9 source tree directory (not the installation directory). For example:

export BIND9_TOP

This is used to point to $BIND9_TOP/bin/dig/dig and $BIND9_TOP/bin/tests/system/ for example.

One problem with running the code in source tree is that several platforms have problems with long socket names. (See ticket #360.) To workaround this use shorter or less directory names.

After BIND 10 is built, you can run "make systest" target. Note that this uses the run_* scripts. BIND 10 does not need to be installed.

The results will be sent to the console, each line flagged with a letter:

  • S - start time
  • T
  • A
  • I
  • R (result?)
  • E - end time

The complete output of each system test run are recorded in files (such as tests/system/bindctl/nsx1/ and tests/system/glue/nsx1/

For more information, see tests/system/README file.

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