BIND 10 DHCP Roadmap

Current Development

The current set of developments will add:

  • V6 Relays-connected clients
  • V4 Direct-connected clients
  • DDNS
  • Hook engine

A release of Kea 1.0 will be made towards the end of the year.

Future Developments

Additional features were discussed and categorised as:

  • base - these will be in the free version of BIND 10 DHCP
  • subscription - available to customers purchasing a subscription

Base Features

The following features (when implemented) will be in the base version of BIND 10 DHCP:

  • Prefix Delegation
  • Temporary and non-temporary addresses
  • Support for non-Linux operating systems
  • Ping in V4
  • Host reservation (might be part of the hooks engine)
  • Statistics
  • Additional database backends:
    • PostgreSQL
    • SQLite
    • Memfile
  • IP:MAC correspondence for V6
  • Hook SDKs
    • C++
    • Bash
    • Python

Subscription Features

The following features (when implemented) will be in the subscription version of BIND 10 DHCP:

  • Classification of clients
  • V4 failover
  • V6 failover
  • LDAP support
  • Multicore support
  • Monitoring
  • Additional database backends:
    • Oracle


During the marketing discussion, a number of questions/qualifications were raised.

  • Classification (subscription feature): it would be useful to know who is asking for this feature.
  • Supported operating systems: this has been raised before but little progress has been made. As a company we should come up with a list of operating systems and versions that we can say our products are supported on.
  • IP:MAC parity - knowing what MAC address has which IPv6 address. This is a legal requirement in some countries.
  • Is there a market for window version for DHCP servers vs Window built-in DHCP?
  • For the DHCP4 to Kea transition we need:
    • Configuration file examples
    • A guide on how to write configuration files and hooks

Not Discussed

Some features were not considered at the meeting but have been discussed since. They are recorded here for completeness.

  • Windows version of the server
  • DHCP client
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