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     1Shawn: do we want to have a way to migrate back?
     2Tomek: make a backup of what you have in DHCP4
     3There is a consensus that we don't need to get back. Pople need to backup configuration file and everything that is included in configuration file, including lease files.
     4Any migration tool needs to be able to read lease files and understand omapi data formating.
     5Shawn: as a first setp we should create a tool which parses lease file as this is the simpliest task
     6* whatever is in lease information we should transfer
     7* failover information, e.g. who owns the lease
     8* missing fields should translate to some defaults because some of the fields may be missing in the older versions
     9* server-id
     10* perhaps omapi may drop some information we may want to look into, e.g. classes, sub-classes, fixed statements.
     11Shawn: as a first step we need to have a tool that can translate the configuration file:
     12* Topology information: subnets, pools, shared subnets (we don't support shared subnets in Kea though) - may want to issue a warning when shared subnets are not supported
     13* Transfer global options and subnet-specific options, some of the options may be supported in DHCP4 while not supported in Kea. We need to know how to map options between DHCP4 and Kea
     14* Zone and TSIG information. For Key information we may need to talk to BIND10 and BIND9 folks because they may have figured that out already.
     15* Fixed hosts, most likely we want to take the client data from the database and we check the client data using hooks
     16Shawn: We may want a tool to  dump the intermediate file dumped in the original format but without data that it couldn't transform. That way the person who is migrating configuration will be able to see what bits of the configuration was not migrated by the tool.