Kea provides several application programming interfaces (APIs). The following list offers brief overview of the API capabilities with pointers to more specific documentation:

  • Hooks API - Kea allows third party libraries to be loaded. Those libraries can monitor or influence the DHCP packet processing and other operations. Things like logging of incoming packets, adding, modifying or removing options in both incoming and outgoing packets, selecting different subnet or a different lease, changing the parameters of the lease being assigned or reviewed, reject requests or drop the packet are possible among others. To take advantage of this API, some C++ experience is necessary. There are examples provided. For comprehensive documentation that includes a tutorial see Kea Developer's Guide, section Hooks Framework (
  • DHCP-DDNS API. Kea features DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 daemons that are capable of doing DNS Updates. They don't conduct the updates themselves, but rather transmit the need for update (Name Change Requests) to separate daemon called DHCP-DDNS (nicknamed D2). Documentation for that communication is TBD.
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