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Multiple relay addresses per subnet

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As of 1.3, Kea supports subnet selection based on relay IP address. For a single subnet only one IP address can be specified. However, it was requested by a user that in his network there are multiple relays (that use different IP addresses) that can lead to the same subnet.

This ticket requires an extension to the ip-address mechanism in relay structure. While the ip-address will remain to be used in most deployments, there will be some more advanced deployments that'll need to handle multiple addresses. The recommended way to deal with this is to keep ip-address (a single ip defined as string), but also add ip-addresses that will handle a list of strings, each defining a single address. Internally, both parameters should have its content kept in joint list of addresses.

While the original request was for IPv4 only, similar mechanism should be implemented for IPv6 as well.


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