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respond using same source address

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$ dig @2001:04f8:3:d::95 
;; reply from unexpected source: 2001:4f8:3:d::80#53, expected 2001:4f8:3:d::95#53


$ dig @ 
;; reply from unexpected source:, expected
;; reply from unexpected source:, expected

I will copy some from jabber:

(12:43:11) jinmei: in general, a DNS server implementation must either listen on a specific address or use the IPv6 pkthdr API to ensure query dest addr = response src addr.
(12:54:48) shane: Yes, I agree. Probably we can use the work of the DHCP team to give us interfaces and we can bind to them.
(12:55:49) vorner: Can we add and remove them (eg. get notified of addition and removal) of interface at runtime? Because when I instruct it to bind to *, I mean even future *.
(12:56:03) shane: Yes, that's the idea.
(12:56:36) shane: BIND 9 works that way; apparently IPv6 in Linux is a lot faster if you bind to specific interfaces instead of the wildcard.
(12:56:46) shane: At least, it was in the past... not sure about now.
(13:04:45) jinmei: the solutions may be different for IPv4 and IPv6: for IPv6 we could use the help of API (with possible performance implication as Shane noted); for IPv4 there's a similar API but it's not so commonly available, we should probably need to introduce interface (address) scanning mechanism and listen-on every one of them as we find a new one.
(13:05:57) jinmei: FYI: this is what BIND9 does.
(13:06:57) shane: The DHCP code in BIND 10 already uses the technique, if you are interested to see how it works.
(13:07:03) shane: (It's DHCPv6 only right now.)
(13:07:28) vorner: The scanning of IPv4 could be directly borrowed from bind9, no?
(13:10:31) jinmei: in its essence, yes, I think so.


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This problem continues. (I mistakenly created a duplicate ticket at #1942.)

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Note this was in real production operations and not in a test lab.

I worked around the problem by getting rid of the :: and wildcards and configuring each (7) addresses as separate listen_on configurations.

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