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#5429 duplicate design for class cleanup fdupont

Note it should replace and include #5374.

Proposed items:

1- move from white list in subnets (and pools) which were not implemented to a simple pointer. The only feature which is lost is the ability to have more than one class for a subnet but it is not configurable and used only in a unit test.

2- Add a new "member" token which is true if and only if the packet belongs to the argument class.

2a- allow VENDOR_CLASS_xxx automatic vendor classes 2b- allow classes which are already defined (so no dependency loop) with an expression 2c- not allow cases other than 2a or 2b

3- change the class collection to a list (for known ordering) and unordered set (aka hash table) of names for existence. A multi index container is a reasonable alternative but more complex and not clearly more efficient.

4- Update the documentation to explain the order used for classes.

#5425 complete Add classes to pools fdupont fdupont

There is a consensus to add client-class to pools (similar to subnets but at the pool level) at a high priority.

#5421 complete Extend forensic logging with MySQL capability fdupont tomek

One user requested to extend forensic logging library with the capability to write log entries to MySQL rather than to a log file.

This is one of two similar tickets. This one is for MySQL, while the other covers Postgres. See #5420.

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