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#5375 complete bump up library versions marcin wlodekwencel
  • check which libraries need bumping up version number and do it :)
  • add explicit versions numbers to hooks libs
#5373 duplicate kea-dhcp4 removes DNS entries upon renewal when using replace-client-name always/when-not-present tmark

As reported by David Marcos and discussed in following thread:

We have the following issue:

  1. If you use replace-client-name = "always":

Upon renewal, we are incorrectly deciding the FQDN has changed and is blank, and are doing a remove only. It does not matter whether the client sends the generated name in the renewals or not.

  1. If you use replace-client-name = "when-not-present":

We commit this same basic mistake if the client omits the hostname on renewals. If, however, they send the generated hostname on renewals we correctly assert they are equal and do not alter DNS.

In AllocEngine::renewLease4() we attempt to check if the FQDN has changed between the old and new lease. The difficulty here is that server has not generated the name for the "new" lease and compares a blank name to the old lease's generated name and as they are different we queue a remove. Later on , in Dhcpv4Srv::createNameChangeRequests() we again compare old to new lease but this occurs after the name has been generated. The names between old and new lease now match and we decide not to queue an ADD.

If we simply move the remove queuing logic from AllocEngine::renewLease4() to Dhcpv4Srv::createNameChangeRequests(), the problem goes away. I've attached a rough draft patch that works.

#5372 fixed Revise header files to be installed with Kea 1.3.0 marcin marcin

When we add new header files to Kea, we tend to forget to add them to the installed headers in the The headers should be installed to allow for development of new hook libraries outside of the Kea repository. I'd even risk to say that all header files should be installed.

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