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#5687 complete HA Machine State Hold - Preparation wlodekwencel stephen

This stage covers the preparation for testing this option. In particular, it covers:

  • Preparation of the Kea configuration files used for testing
    • Need to check the combinations of:
      • IPv4/IPv6
      • Hot-standby and load-balancing configurations
  • Add function to Forge to:
    • be able to identify the HA state of a Kea server (using the ha-heartbeat command)
    • resume startup
  • Add functions to send DHCP requests to server
    • During the holding period
    • After the holding period
    • Need to be able to send queries to both primary server and secondary server
  • Add function to check whether a lease exists in the persistent store
  • Add framework for controlling test
#5686 duplicate stat commands missing in `List of available hooks libraries` table fdupont

There are 9 entries in the table but 10 hooks described in the Available Hooks Libraries' section: the missing hook is stat_cmds.

#5685 duplicate a new hook to manage client class 'client_cmds' fdupont

For yang/netconf and config backend we need a way to manage client-classes so a 'class_cmds' which provides the usual function: adding, querying (aka get) and deleting client classes from the running configuration.

Open questions:

  • where to put it? a priori support package
  • what to do with dependent expressions? If a class is just removed this can lead to a configuration which cannot be reloaded so a priori expressions of following classes should be checked against dangling references.
  • do we need a change/update? as the class order is critical IMHO we should provide one.

Note that class-list should simply return the list of configured class names. Add should append the new class to the end.

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