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#5691 complete Hostname Rewriting - Preparation wlodekwencel stephen

Hostname rewriting concerns the modification of invalid client hostnames prior to putting them in the DNS. This tickets concerns the preparation for the tests.

  • Modifying Lettuce/Scapy? to accept invalid host names (including blanks)
  • Generating lease requests comprising a mixture of valid and invalid hostnames. The invalid ones should include:
    • Names with spaces (embedded, leading, trailing)
    • Names with characters outside the normal letter-digit-hyphen range (i.e. punctuation, characters with ASCII values above 127)
  • Code to check whether a name is in a DNS zone
#5689 complete Subnet ID Sanitizer - Preparation wlodekwencel stephen

The subnet ID sanitizer is a component of Kea that will validate the subnet IDs contained in a memfile lease file when it is read in by Kea. This ticket covers the preparations for the testing:

  • Generation of memfile to be sanitised
  • Preparation of the varying configurations into which the memfile will be read.
  • Framework for running the tests.

The tests are to be run on both IPv4 and IPv6.

#5688 complete HA Machine State Hold - Testing wlodekwencel stephen
  • Running the tests for HA machine state hold before code freeze
  • Reporting bugs to the developers
  • Re-running tests as required
  • Running tests on the final release
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