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#5442 complete Quiesce Kea via command marcin marcin

This is one of the first tickets required to support High Availability in Kea. If there are two servers working as failover peers and one of the servers is recovering after a failure, it must be possible to freeze another server to make sure that it doesn't do DHCP while the peer is synchronizing the database. Eventually we want to be able to select specific subnets or networks for which we'll freeze DHCP, but this ticket only calls for supporting the general case of freezing the DHCP function for all scopes.

#5429 duplicate design for class cleanup fdupont

Note it should replace and include #5374.

Proposed items:

1- move from white list in subnets (and pools) which were not implemented to a simple pointer. The only feature which is lost is the ability to have more than one class for a subnet but it is not configurable and used only in a unit test.

2- Add a new "member" token which is true if and only if the packet belongs to the argument class.

2a- allow VENDOR_CLASS_xxx automatic vendor classes 2b- allow classes which are already defined (so no dependency loop) with an expression 2c- not allow cases other than 2a or 2b

3- change the class collection to a list (for known ordering) and unordered set (aka hash table) of names for existence. A multi index container is a reasonable alternative but more complex and not clearly more efficient.

4- Update the documentation to explain the order used for classes.

#5416 fixed reservation-add "Database duplicate entry error" marcin cathya


Attempting to add a second reservation in a different subnet within the same shared-network results in the database error above.

The rules as documented are:

Section 8.3:

"Making a reservation for a mobile host that may visit multiple subnets requires a separate host definition in each subnet it is expected to visit. It is not allowed to define multiple host definitions with the same hardware address in a single subnet. Multiple host definitions with the same hardware address are valid if each is in a different subnet.”

Then for shared networks (section 8.4.3) we add:

"It is worth noting that Kea conducts additional checks when processing a packet if shared networks are defined. First, instead of simply checking if there's a reservation for a given client in his initially selected subnet, it goes through all subnets in a shared network looking for a reservation. This is one of the reasons why defining a shared network may impact performance. If there is a reservation for a client in any subnet, that particular subnet will be picked for the client. Although it's technically not an error, it is considered a bad practice to define reservations for the same host in multiple subnets belonging to the same shared network."

The reason for wanting to do this is that when using shared networks, you still have to use the subnet id (rather than an ID for the shared network) when adding reservations. So in the situation where a client might obtain a lease in one of several subnets of the shared network, but where you *don't* want to add a host reservation, you just want to do something like provide a specific bootfile depending on the options that the client requests, then there's nothing you can do to 'make this so' across all subnets, other than adding the same reservation in *all* the subnets.

This, in theory, is supposed to work, even though it's not recommended. But it doesn't - it fails on attempting to add the second reservation with ""Database duplicate entry error"

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