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#5533 complete Use caching host backend to actually cache hosts fdupont tomek

Once #5531 and #5532 are implemented, the logic of HostMgr class should be further extended to cache hosts returned by other backends.

For details, see RadiusDesign.

#5532 complete Caching Host backend fdupont tomek

The RadiusDesign calls for implementing a cache for host reservations returned by other backends. This ticket should cover the implementation. It should:

  • keep the hosts in memory
  • write the hosts to disk
  • read the hosts from disk
  • implement a simple cache control (the maximum number of hosts to remember)
  • it must be possible to disable cache control

Care should be taken for this code to properly support user context.

This ticket is expected to cover the implementation, but not actually extend HostMgr? with the logic to add hosts returned by other host backends.

#5531 complete Mutiple Host backends fdupont tomek

The RadiusDesign defines a new type of a host backend that does not store its own reservations, but simply caches responses coming from other backends.

Before this backend is implemented, though, we need to extend the configuration to be able to configure multiple host backends.

The recommended way to configure this is to retain hosts-database parameter (that allows storing parameters for a single backend), but add hosts-databases (that allows storing parameters for multiple backends).

Over time we will deprecate hosts-database in favor of hosts-databases.

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