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#5384 complete Use flexible identifier as the actual client identifier in the lease database marcin marcin

The flexible identifier can be used to identify static reservations for the clients. However, in the lease database we only store identifier received in the client identifier and HW address. This should be fine in most cases, but in some cases may lead to lease conflicts. For example: the device running DHCP client is replaced (HW address and/or client identifier changes). The resulting flex-id doesn't change in that case so the client would be assigned the same static reservation but the allocation engine will be unable to store the corresponding lease, because there is a lease for an old client identifier and HW address (for the previous device). Waiting for the old lease to expire is most of the time not feasible.

The proposal is to update flex-id hook library to use flexible identifier as client identifier in the lease database. The new callouts will replace client identifier (or insert one) into the client's query and the allocation engine will process it as if client identifier sent by the client was used.

#5383 invalid std::bind is not the system call fdupont

To avoid name catches often in ithe code the bind system call is written ::bind in place of bind. Unfortunately they are a few std::bind which is *not* the system call. Put as low as it does not seem to introduce a bug even it is clearly wrong...

#5381 fixed need more shared-network documentation marcin fdupont

For instance how resource allocation from pools is done: only host reservations are documented.

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