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#5551 complete Kea drops DHCPv4 packet when truncated vendor option is encountered tmark tomek

One user dealing is experiencing problems with cable modems. The CM sends a packet that Kea interprets as truncated vendor option and drops the packet.

We do have traffic capture and logs. Things to consider here:

  • dropping whole packet is not the way to go. the client will keep sending its broken packet over and over and the subscriber using it will be unhappy
  • if the vendor option being sent is really broken, we should try to ignore just the sub-option, or failing that, the whole vendor option.
  • we have a traffic capture and a log file. Both are big and it will take some effort to figure out which packets are causing problems. It will likely be caused either by one device over and over or perhaps several devices of the same type.

The error message is DHCP4_PACKET_DROP_0001 failed to parse packe from to, received over interface foo0, reason: Attempt to parse truncated vendor option.

Location of the files is specified in support ticket 12392.

#5550 worksforme Use hash as unsigned. fdupont fdupont

Both because hashes are naturally unsigned, second because the cast drops the first bit. But at the other hand it is not enough to update the schema, so IMHO it should be done at the next ticket merge where the schema must be updated.

#5543 complete wipe all leases command tomek tomek

We do have commands to remove all leases from specific subnet: lease4-wipe and lease6-wipe. We should provide the capability to wipe leases from all subnets in one command.

The likely approach would be to make the subnet-id parameter optional. If not specified, it would wipe all leases. Alternatively, we could give subnet-id 0 a special meaning.

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