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#5629 fixed MySQL should test and error on connect if the schema version is wrong tmark tmark

For some reason our MySQL database code doesn't verify the schema version number when it opens the database, while our PostgreSQL code does. This means that users get errors in statement preparation for missing tables or columns, rather than a more helpful message that declares the version mismatch.

#5627 fixed Multiple files require update in Premium hooks tomek tomek

Following issues were discovered:

  • ha config example has extra ,
  • INSTALL file is outdated (should point to Kea User's Guide)
  • README needs update
  • AUTHORS needs some text
  • tools/ directory is included and it shouldn't
  • Copyrights are not corrected
#5626 fixed Subnet Cmds unit tests segfault under Centos 7 tmark tmark

Subnet Cmds premium hooks library unit tests are segfaulting under Centos 7. The segfault occurs during a logging attempt in TimerMgr::unregisterTimers(), which is invoked by ~TimeMgr?. Since we are not explicitly destroying TimeMgr?, there is no assurance that the loggers will outlive it.

The proposed change is to simply change the destructor to call TimerMgrImpl::unregisterTimers() which does not emit logs.

The attached patch has been tested and works.

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