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#5492 wontfix Port user context changes to Cassandra fdupont

Follow up of #5351

#5489 duplicate Cassandra schema version should be bumped to 2.0 tomek

There are many changes coming in, as compared to 1.0 that was present in several Kea releases now. As we plan to cover a lot of ground, we'll wait for all of the schema changes go into master, then need to bump the version to 2.0 and develop a script that updates from 1.0 to 2.0.

#5487 complete Cassandra must support recount leases statistics tmark tomek

Kea has a mechanism for maintaining lease statistics (number of leases assigned, declined, available etc). There are several scenarios where this statistic may become incorrect:

  • it is runtime, so after restart all counters are set to 0
  • when someone modifies the DB directly, bypassing Kea
  • when the configuration has changed and the new pools are bigger/smaller

For that reason, Kea supports statistics recalculation mechanism. This mechanism is triggered during start-up, after reconfiguration and soon it will be possible to trigger it with administrative command.

Cassandra doesn't support this feature yet, although it should. See LeaseMgr::recountLeaseStats{4,6} and possibly CqlLeaseMgrTest?.recountLeaseStats{4,6} (present, but disabled).

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