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#5705 complete Global Host Reservations Task 2:Add v4 support for new HR_GLOBAL mode tmark tmark
  1. Create new mode HR_GLOBAL mode and add to kea-dhpd4/subnet parsing
  2. Modify v4 AllocEngine::findReservation to utilize new mode
#5704 complete Global Host Reservations Task1: basic support for HRs belonging to global subnet tmark tmark
  1. Host Data sources must be support entries with 0 for either v4 or v6 subnet ids
  2. Kea servers must be modified to accept a list of reservations at the global


#5703 duplicate Need a mechanism to output binary expressions as hexadecimal strings tmark

A prospective user attempted to use the following expression for a value of a Radius attribute:


"name": "Password" "expr": "pkt4.mac"


The value produced by pkt4.mac, is a series of binary bytes, which cannot be expressed in a Radius authorization file. The radius server actually errors out stating the values do not match. We need a way to convert an expression result to a string literal such as:

"0xXXXXX" or "xx:xx:xx"

We could do it as perhaps a function:


This would be useful beyond this particular case involving Radius. As an aside using the same expression for User Name or Connection Id work because we convert it to a string, under the covers.

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