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#5708 duplicate Global Host Reservations Task 5: data migration scripts to convert existing subnet-id values of 0 tmark

The changes made in 5704 to support global HRs necessitate migrating existing data. Specifically for MySQL and PostgreSQL, any columns with values of 0 for subnet IDs in hosts and options tables, need to replace with NULL, and for Cassandra, they should be replaced with GLOBAL_ID_UNUSED.

Data migration steps need to be added to the schema upgrade scripts for 1.5.0 to accommodate this.

#5707 duplicate Global Host Reservations Task 4: Host Commands should accept global subnet id tmark

Host Cmds need to accept a subnet-id value of SUBNET_ID_GLOBAL for either v4 or v6 subnet-ids, to allow manipulation of global reservations.

#5706 duplicate Global Host Reservations Task 3:Add v6 support for new HR_GLOBAL mode tmark tmark
  1. Add support for HR_GLOBAL mode to kea-dhpd4/subnet parsing
  2. Modify v6 AllocEngine::findReservation to utilize new mode
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