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#5399 fixed -with-tier2 is still required to build subnet_cmds in premium distribution tar ball built with tier2 UnAssigned tmark

If one builds a tarball containing the premium content, it is still necessary to use --with-tier2 in the resultant source tree. This seems inconvenient for users. After some brief discussion it was decided that simplest solution is to just change the default of --with-tier2 to be true.

#5396 complete doc for shared network commands is needed (+other tweaks) tomek tomek

The work done in #5311 added whole bunch of new commands to manage shared networks.

This ticket covers all remaining tasks related to this effort, including:

  • documentation update
  • adding more tests (including negative ones)
#5395 fixed lease_cmds docs mistakenly says that identifiers other than hw-address and client id are supported marcin marcin

We need to correct the User's Guide for lease_cmds which says that you can use identifiers like flex-id to query for leases. In fact, you can only use hw-address or duid. There are use cases when you're using flex-id that replaces client identifier in the lease database and we should document how to query for such leases. That is, you have use duid and specify flex-id preceded with hexadecimal 0, so '00'.

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