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#5364 fixed Improvements to shared networks for Kea 1.3. marcin marcin

The tickets #5306 and #5308 introduced implementation of shared networks for v4 and v6 services in Kea. There are several things that should be looked at and potentially improved in this implementation:

  1. DHCPv6 unit tests should be extended to cover shared network selection by interface-id
  2. Unit tests should also verify that the lease stored in the database is correct. Currently they check lease information returned by the server to the clients.
  3. Statistics should be verified in the unit tests for shared networks to make sure that it is correctly updated when lease is assigned, renewed or released. If not properly implemented, there is risk that statistics for invalid subnet is updated when assigning a lease from another subnet within the same shared network.
  4. Logging should be improved to include information about the allocations from the shared networks.
#5363 complete ifelse(..., ..., ...) expression in flex-id fdupont tomek

A use case came up from a user: they have a network with relay agents that under some circumstances prepend two extra bytes in RAI options. If present, those should be ignored. There may be other similar cases where parts of the option could be ignored if certain criteria are met.

The most flexible way to solve this would be to implement a new expression:

ifelse(condition, expression-if-true, expression-if-false)

#5362 fixed sizeof(bool) is compiler dependent and can be greater than one. fdupont fdupont

Incredible but true! There are a few occurrences of sizeof(bool) in the code each time assuming it is one. Critical but fortunately easy to fix. BTW I don't believe we support a system with such a compiler (so don't panic) but it should be fixed anyway (and a note added in coding guidelines). Thanks to Thomas who raised the question.

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