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#5677 duplicate Update KB article AA-01323 with Kea 1.4.0 supported additional DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 Options nbk1

Kea 1.4 added back RFC7598 options in Trac Item #5514, which suggests these should be included in the knowledge base overview page of supported Options at


89 OPTION_S46_RULE [RFC 7598] 90 OPTION_S46_BR [RFC 7598] 91 OPTION_S46_DMR [RFC 7598] 92 OPTION_S46_V4V6BIND [RFC 7598] 93 OPTION_S46_PORTPARAMS [RFC 7598] 94 OPTION_S46_CONT_MAPE [RFC 7598] 95 OPTION_S46_CONT_MAPT [RFC 7598] 96 OPTION_S46_CONT_LW [RFC 7598]

A related option should also be mentioned, if supported 111 OPTION_S46_PRIORITY [RFC 8026]

#5676 duplicate errors in kea-admin script and related scripts mcnally

Reported via a Kea support customer:

Found annoying error in kea-admin, the $prefix environment variable is set but not exported so it cannot be used by scripts in $prefix/share/kea/scripts/mysql/*.sh.

Also there are errors in $prefix/share/kea/scripts/ at lines 25 and 39, where the --host="${db_host}" parameter is missing so the mysql commands are always attempted towards the local database even if -h or --host parameter is used in kea-admin calls.

I suspect the same problems could be in other backends as well but I didn't check them.

He attached his proposed corrections to and kea-admin.

#5675 complete HA: Implement a command to resume operation after holding in a waiting state. marcin tomek

Ticket #5673 covers requirements and a design for a new feature that allows Kea running in HA mode to hold in a waiting state.

This ticket covers implementation of a command that would tell Kea to conclude its waiting and move to operational state. Two names were proposed: ha-go and ha-state-set.

One aspect to consider here is whether this mechanism could be extended in the future to move Kea to specified state on demand, e.g. partner-down. From that perspective a name that is generic and can be later extended with new capability is more preferred.

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