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#13 wontfix create ticket via email UnAssigned jreed

Implement tickets created by sending an email

#17 complete open issues of the name class UnAssigned jinmei

Imported from Ticket #16 (

This seems to be a preference issue, but noted here so that we can revisit it later.

  • Additional methods add operator+ for Name objects (concatenate)? Name::append(const Name& suffix)?

Will revisit these as we complete other part of the package. I'm personally negative about adding more overloaded operators, but if there's a good reason for having more I don't object to that.

  • Performance benchmark for example, to see if we want to minimize the initial offset vector capacity in the from-wire constructor
#32 wontfix components should clearly indicate themselves in logging UnAssigned jreed

When runnning bind10, I see logging from different started components but can't easily know who is logging.

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