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#4542 Re-examine database handling of values larger than DatabaseConnection::MAX_DB_TIME defect low database-all 2 years
#4550 Oddities in kea to sql node connection handling defect medium database-all 2 years
#5011 Logs always state: "Lease Expires On: 19700101000000" defect medium logging 2 years
#5013 ugly logging while using eval debug defect medium Unclassified 2 years
#5048 Kea servers should be able to use a subnet's domain-name as a qualifying suffix for DDNS defect medium ddns 2 years
#5052 Syslog message formatting defect medium Unclassified 2 years
#5054 Review flag variables in Makefile.ams defect low build system 2 years
#5056 Running kea-dhcp4 on many interfaces causes segfault defect medium Unclassified 2 years
#5063 dns++ is obsolete and references bind10 libraries defect low build system 23 months
#5065 Issues with Cassandra backend found on macOS sierra defect medium Unclassified 23 months
#5081 reorganize relay related sections in Kea User's Guide defect medium documentation 22 months
#5089 CfgMgr::clear() does not reset D2ClientMgr defect medium configuration 22 months
#5129 auto host reservation identifier defect low remote-management 20 months
#5149 some database libraries can require -lssl defect low database-all 20 months
#5153 Spurious debug message at shutdown defect very low Unclassified 20 months
#5154 renewLease is declared but not defined defect low dhcp4 20 months
#5162 Kea dhcpsrv header files not included in ${BUILDROOT}/include defect medium build system 19 months
#5169 Option 66 and Option 67 not passed in an offer defect medium Unclassified 19 months
#5173 Post-5114 get_config autogeneration clean-up defect medium management API 19 months
#5174 post-5114 cleanup defect low remote-management 19 months
#5176 kea is unable to start with CA defined in configuration file. defect low agent 19 months
#5193 Kea option space for DHCPv4 relay infos defect low Unclassified 18 months
#5199 Improve use of CalloutHandle in the Command Manager. defect medium configuration 18 months
#5204 license and copyright dates in auto generated files defect medium Unclassified 18 months
#5223 set-config command not available in CA defect medium agent 18 months
#5234 ISC DHCP server config option stash-agent-options defect medium Unclassified 18 months
#5246 ISC DHCP host declaration are global defect low Unclassified 17 months
#5285 legacy toJSON is buggy defect very low Unclassified 16 months
#5334 revamp interface manager re-scan defect medium configuration 15 months
#5386 --enable-static-link cause unit tests to fail defect low build system 12 months
#5411 kea-admin, keactrl doesn't report Kea version defect low scripts 11 months
#5413 Different behavior with the same network address. defect medium dhcp4 11 months
#5426 class guard for subnets in a shared network defect low Unclassified 11 months
#5435 [Kea 1.2.0] Kea LFC not executed anymore after some time defect high dhcp 10 months
#5453 Unit test issue with MariaDB 10.2 defect low database-all 9 months
#5486 Suspected memory leak in Cassandra defect very low database-cassandra 9 months
#5497 VIVSO configuration is not clearly documented defect low documentation 9 months
#5498 Top level .gitignore ignores ext/gtest defect low build system 9 months
#5501 Kea DHCP destination unreachable (port unreachable) defect high dhcp4 9 months
#5509 race on I/O service/context destructor defect medium Unclassified 8 months
#5512 missing / disordered dependencies defect medium build system 8 months
#5517 Posgresql synchronous API calls hang until TCP connections timeout when connectivity is lost defect medium database-pgsql 8 months
#5610 address defects signaled by lgtm defect low Unclassified 5 months
#5616 Make DHO_DHCP_MESSAGE_TYPE be first defect medium dhcp 5 months
#5653 Missing log placeholder in forensic log defect low logging 3 months
#5661 Excellent Language Skills defect low ~Boss of BIND (obsolete) 3 months
#5698 how to manage comments defect medium config-backend 2 months
#5699 netconf possible issue with JSON string holding binary value. defect medium netconf 2 months
#5710 config-get API call returns error with some Cassandra backend options defect medium Unclassified 6 weeks
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