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Milestone: Outstanding Tasks (16 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Status Owner Type Priority
#3731 Coverity issues for test code tests new defect very low
#3767 DHCPv4 server: revise the code which adjusts the remote address for the outbound packet dhcp4 new enhancement very low
#3809 Wildcard logger name to configure root logger configuration assigned UnAssigned enhancement very low
#3850 make check-TEST warnings build system new defect very low
#3856 update isc_throw macro definitions Unclassified new enhancement very low
#3879 code style in lib/dhcp/ Unclassified new enhancement very low
#3894 Kea is not validating configure values. configuration new defect very low
#3906 PID unit test cleanup. tests new enhancement very low
#3964 Implementation of the stateless DHCPv4 dhcp4 assigned pallotron enhancement very low
#4023 RSA examples/tools for secure DHCPv6 securedhcp new enhancement very low
#4085 Reimplement OutputBuffer using std::vector libutil new enhancement very low
#4241 LIBADD to improve in lib/eval files Unclassified reviewing UnAssigned defect very low
#5153 Spurious debug message at shutdown Unclassified new defect very low
#5285 legacy toJSON is buggy Unclassified new defect very low
#5408 perfdhcp reports version with "VERSION": in front of it perfdhcp new enhancement very low
#5486 Suspected memory leak in Cassandra database-cassandra new defect very low

Milestone: Solaris and other unsupported (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Status Owner Type Priority
#1158 suggestion: avoid OS-specific switch in build system new UnAssigned defect medium
#2894 Direct DHCPv4 traffic on Solaris dhcp4 new enhancement medium
#3160 boost::lexical_cast failure on Solaris with SunStudio logging assigned UnAssigned defect medium
#3166 SunStudio warnings to check when compiling the BIND 10 tree Unclassified new defect medium
#3308 boost::offset_ptr failure on Solaris 10 with GCC data source new defect medium
#3276 CC: -library=Cstd cannot be used with -library=stlport4 (Solaris10) build system new UnAssigned defect low
#3463 nonportable ps in test on Solaris 11 dhcp4 new UnAssigned defect low
#3488 no ifaddrs.h and Solaris 10 dhcp new UnAssigned defect low
#3748 add i(Phone)OS interface manager Unclassified reviewing UnAssigned enhancement low
#3462 DNSServerTest/1.stopTCPServeMoreThanOnce test failure on Solaris 11 Unclassified new UnAssigned defect very low
#3489 Sunstudio and needed include string.h in lib/util libutil assigned jreed defect very low

Milestone: Spam (73 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Status Owner Type Priority
#4593 девчонки подсматривают и мастурбируют tests new patch low
#4596 один ебёт в жопу стоя меня на коленях у другого сосу tests new patch low
#4597 полезна ли ебля в жопу sockcreator new patch low
#4598 порно по русски бабушка с внуками ~cmd-ctl (obsolete) new patch low
#4599 мурат тахалегов и султар configuration new enhancement low
#4600 девушки в нарисованых бикини фото hooks new patch low
#4608 лишение девственности русское девушка красавица ~bind-ctl (obsolete) new task low
#4614 фотогалерея толстых баб на шпильках configuration new enhancement low
#4622 порно костюм медвед секс classification new patch low
#4623 порно волосатые подмышки фото logging new enhancement low
#4624 смотреть в hd качестве жесткое порно configuration new patch low
#4627 Make Your Internet Site For Several Screen With Responsive Website Style And Design configuration new patch low
#4634 The most effective strategies gambling online libutil new task low
#4637 Wanting Out For Eye-catching And Economical Properties? Test Jacksonville Fl Accurate Estate. perfdhcp new enhancement low
#4638 голые девушки узкая талия большая попа видео tests new task low
#4639 молоденькую в анал смотреть онлайн dhcp4o6 new enhancement low
#4641 порно актриса беа кумминс dhcp4 new task low
#4644 порно мужчины в калготочках dhcp new patch low
#4645 жесткий секс с пьяными толстухами management API new task low
#4661 порно фото галереи сладкий кунилингус от мужчин libutil new task low
#4664 арабку ебут в жопу ~cmd-ctl (obsolete) new task low
#4677 Chicago man drives his Jeep off a tow truck to save his dog tests new patch low
#4678 Dash Cam Whats That ? configuration new task low
#4684 Mobile Strike Hack Tool Скачать. crypto new task low
#4685 Truck service and Tow service, Truck and Trailer Repair classification new patch low
#4691 Trucks :: Talking Truck - Charming Toy truck For your Kid ~bind-ctl (obsolete) new enhancement low
#4700 5 WEIGHT TRAINING EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE Truths Every Woman SHOULD BECOME AWARE OF build system new enhancement low
#4702 Finance :: How to Reduce Tow Truck Insurance Rates? 1-800-513-3135 ~cmd-ctl (obsolete) new task low
#4703 Chicago man drives his Jeep off a tow truck in order to save his dog configuration new patch low
#4705 Cars :: Car donations for Jewish Charity securedhcp new enhancement low
#4706 Acts Of Courage By Real-life Heroes sysinfo new task low
#4709 Wreck Chasers follows tow truckers in Philly host-reservations new patch low
#4712 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Useful Glitches securedhcp new task low
#4719 The Future - Electric Cars by Desial Davidson configuration new enhancement low
#4724 Maintenance :: Classic Car Restoration: What to do with a Basketcase Car dhcp6 new enhancement low
#4726 Arrested Tow Truck Driver Stole Storm Abandoned Cars From Atlanta Highways scripts new task low
#4727 The Significance of Tow Truck Insurance build farm new patch low
#4731 Which Auto Car Recycling Gear Do You Need? dhcp6 new patch low
#4732 ESPN reporter suspended after rant at tow truck employee is caught on tape build farm new enhancement low
#4738 How Mobile Business Apps are Changing the Face of Businesses crypto new enhancement low
#4744 Weight Loss Programs configuration new patch low
#4748 Car Dealers License configuration new patch low
#4749 What Should I Do If My Car Is Irreparable? dhcp4 new task low
#4755 Learn How to Use a GPS Car Navigation System ~dhcp-ddns(obsolete) new patch low
#4759 Cars :: Aluminum Cars classification new enhancement low
#4769 Trucks :: Parallel Parking Your Semi Truck ~Inter-module communication(obsolete) new task low
#4776 "Chief Dragonfly Rider" host-reservations new patch low
#4779 Towing companies offers safety of your vehicles build farm new enhancement low
#4781 Dash Cam Whats That ? ~msgq (obsolete) new task low
#4782 Vehicle Tracking For Your Teenager sysinfo new patch low
#4788 Complete Test Drive Unlimited 2 Cars List trac new enhancement low
#4789 Importance Of Automotive Transmission Maintenance And Repair For Your Tampa Vehicle by Manny Lontok statistics new patch low
#4790 Tips for Buying a Preowned or Used Car documentation new patch low
#4791 Want Insurance For Tow Trucks In Less Cost classification new patch low
#4794 Wreck Chasers follows tow drivers in Philly host-reservations new task low
#4795 DS Nintendo Gamers' Grand Theft Auto Walkthrough Part 2 message-library new task low
#4799 Dune Bashing Survival Guide by Bennett ~Boss of BIND (obsolete) new patch low
#4809 What Services Do Towing Companies Provide? configuration new enhancement low
#4821 Command and Conquer Tactics for USA, GLA and China Units: USA Unit Strategy Guide ~Boss of BIND (obsolete) new task low
#4824 Tips For Finding The Best 24 Hour Towing Services In Melbourne securedhcp new task low
#4829 100 + 100 Watt Car Stereo Amplifier Circuit Diagram Using IC STK4231 - Construction Explained ~dhcp-ddns(obsolete) new task low
#4836 Common Auto Insurance Frauds perfdhcp new enhancement low
#4838 Do you have tow truck business, here's tow truck insurance quote to suit your needs tests new enhancement low
#4843 Trucks :: Optimizing Company's Fuel Budget With Fleet Cards build system new task low
#4849 Is It Hard To Find A Job As A Commercial Driver? ~cmd-ctl (obsolete) new task low
#4853 Dash Cam Whats That ? documentation new enhancement low
#4860 Tow trucker helps dog of deceased driver in Pennsylvania documentation new enhancement low
#4861 Repo man killed: Tow trucker gunned down after repossessing vehicle configuration new task low
#4876 Every Achievement in Saints Row 2 for XBOX 360 ~Inter-module communication(obsolete) new enhancement low
#4878 California Tow Truck Insurance Reducing The Cost Of Insurance On Trucks. message-library new enhancement low
#4889 Air Suspension - Problems and Solutions! sockcreator new patch low
#4891 Bobtail truck Insurance Providing 40% Off on Tow Truck Insurance. trac new patch low
#4894 Truck service and Tow service, Truck and Trailer Repair documentation new task low
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