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#5348 Subnet_cmds: Implement subnetX-update (premium) hooks new enhancement medium
#5419 docs update: dhcp-socket-type: udp requires sane routing table documentation new enhancement medium
#5444 new tool to get/set host reservations from/to JSON and database database-all accepted fdupont enhancement medium
#5509 race on I/O service/context destructor Unclassified new defect medium
#5512 missing / disordered dependencies build system new defect medium
#5517 Posgresql synchronous API calls hang until TCP connections timeout when connectivity is lost database-pgsql new defect medium
#5539 Radius: developer's guide documentation new enhancement medium
#5559 Implement wrapper reset() function for IOService Unclassified new enhancement medium
#5606 Need a way to selectively remove hooks from build tree build system new enhancement medium
#5616 Make DHO_DHCP_MESSAGE_TYPE be first dhcp new defect medium
#5623 Implement output-interface support for DHCPv6 dhcp6 new enhancement medium
#5640 Remove FAQ section, move useful ones to KB documentation new enhancement medium
#5658 use new lease user contexts in RADIUS accounting hook-radius new enhancement medium
#189 install pkg-config .pc files for libdns, libexceptions, others build system assigned jreed enhancement low
#243 Put spec files together in source tree configuration assigned UnAssigned enhancement low
#398 we should use more specific tests than EXPECT_TRUE documentation new enhancement low
#668 Add formal randomness checking to unit tests of classes using random-number generators crypto new enhancement low
#911 time64 & Y2038 Unclassified new enhancement low
#949 ./configure --prefix change requires "make clean" before "make install" build system new jreed defect low
#1070 Automatically update logging test scripts when switching branches logging new defect low
#1297 Kea: Methods for printing out option content Unclassified new UnAssigned enhancement low
#1312 Kea: Pkt6 and OutputBuffer merge should be investigated dhcp new task low
#1335 Extend DHCP benchmarking to ramp up packet send rate perfdhcp new enhancement low
#1337 DHCP benchmarking - enhanced reply verification perfdhcp new enhancement low
#1338 perfdhcp should have the ability to dump sent/received traffic to file perfdhcp new enhancement low
#1339 perfdhcp should warn if there are any DHCP clients running perfdhcp new enhancement low
#1630 Change automatic unit test reporter to warn if percentage of coverage goes down build farm new jreed task low
#1720 add profiling make target build system new task low
#1742 Have message compiler exit with an error if a duplicate message ID is detected message-library new enhancement low
#2015 Use AM_V_GEN where applicable in the build system build system new UnAssigned defect low
#2343 Delayed-ack for IPv4 DHCP Server dhcp4 new task low
#2346 DHCP CfgMgr: sanity checks remote-management new enhancement low
#2448 missing checks for --enable-generate-docs build system assigned UnAssigned task low
#2561 Extract common code from IFaceMgr::receive4 and IFaceMgr::receive6 dhcp assigned UnAssigned defect low
#2633 Improve log messages in the DHCP Config Managers remote-management new defect low
#2651 Need unit-tests to verify that dhcp{4,6}.spec are sane dhcp new enhancement low
#2729 logging of configuration changes logging new defect low
#2808 duplicate IDs in bind10-messages.xml logging new defect low
#2985 rfc 2131 vs monitoring network interfaces dhcp4 new defect low
#3076 kea6 reply to messages sent to unicast address dhcp6 new defect low
#3077 kea6 invalid reply for request/renew send via unicast address dhcp6 new defect low
#3085 src/bin/dhcp6/tests/dhcp6_test_utils.h refactoring dhcp6 new enhancement low
#3090 kea6 assign malformed address (::0 from the pool) dhcp6 new defect low
#3091 kea6 assign reserved address (ff:/8, fe80::/10, ::1) dhcp6 new defect low
#3098 Ensure test names follow the same standard tests new task low
#3101 Move FqdnDhcpv6SrvTest to another file. dhcp6 new enhancement low
#3168 Refactor different pools handling in Subnet6 configuration new enhancement low
#3193 release process for PD corner cases, status code placement dhcp6 new defect low
#3206 Enable disabled IfaceMgr unit-tests dhcp new enhancement low
#3229 Need better tests for activating interfaces libdhcp new enhancement low
#3236 Kea4: We do not handle option 122 (Cable Client Config) dhcp4 new enhancement low
#3237 user_check library must load even user registry missing; doc needed hooks new UnAssigned enhancement low
#3240 Lease classes deserve unit tests. dhcp new defect low
#3280 DHCPv4 server id override configuration parameter to be added configuration new enhancement low
#3294 Remove always-include-fqdn configuration parameter from D2ClientConfig ddns new task low
#3297 b10-dhcp4/6: Extend config_parser unit tests to cover different data types configuration. configuration new defect low
#3306 Implement subnet overlapping sanity check remote-management new defect low
#3323 Change location of hooks example code build system new UnAssigned defect low
#3346 Revisit logging design logging new task low
#3354 Add bool configuration parameters to enable/disable forward and reverse updates to D2 ddns new enhancement low
#3356 DDNS TTL value is does not meet 4702, Section 5 ddns new defect low
#3361 document hooks configuration and libreload for DHCP commands documentation new defect low
#3363 D2UpdateMgr should check both DHCID and IP address when scheduling jobs ddns assigned UnAssigned defect low
#3372 D2ClientMgr should set proper "any" address for listener based on server ip address ddns new defect low
#3381 Improve allocation engine IPv6 logging to distinguish between allocation types dhcp6 new defect low
#3426 Propagate configuration switches from configure to make distcheck build system new UnAssigned defect low
#3428 libkea-cc: JSON element position should be set to the position of the element's name, not value configuration new enhancement low
#3447 Address potential integer overflow in time calculations libutil new defect low
#3452 Kea doesn't validate renew-timer, rebind-timer and lifetimes being configured remote-management new defect low
#3460 DNSServerTest failures for TCPNoTimeout on NetBSD Unclassified new UnAssigned defect low
#3472 Consider adding command line switch to keactrl which overrides the kea config file location configuration new UnAssigned enhancement low
#3475 Improvements to keactrl dhcp new UnAssigned enhancement low
#3500 Lease database capabilities reporting database-all new enhancement low
#3510 MemorySegmentLocal.TestTooMuchMemory failure on multiple systems libutil new defect low
#3521 Documentation and the code should be consistent with the RFC2131 for DHCPv4 message names documentation new defect low
#3535 install conf files as examples build system new task low
#3581 extend MySQL with the ability to store subnet information database-all new enhancement low
#3582 extend Postgres backend with the ability to store subnet information database-all new enhancement low
#3605 Rename initLogger in logger_unittest_support.h logging new enhancement low
#3622 Consider renaming configuration classes to plural form dhcp new enhancement low
#3634 design of asym crypto support securedhcp accepted fdupont enhancement low
#3648 move or remove Unclassified reviewing UnAssigned defect low
#3675 simplify gtest handling in configure build system new enhancement low
#3676 Remove redundant asiodns code Unclassified new task low
#3679 uncaught exceptions while logger initialization in unit tests tests new defect low
#3739 --pdfdir=DIR option is not working documentation new defect low
#3751 Allow MAC extraction from non-universal link-local addresses dhcp6 new defect low
#3758 Check for overflows in time_t on 32 bit OSes Unclassified new defect low
#3764 Add visibility support build system accepted fdupont enhancement low
#3771 add versioning for shared libraries Unclassified reviewing marcin enhancement low
#3777 WARN log when a client changes his Client Id dhcp4 new defect low
#3783 kea-admin script shouldn't fall back to src directory Unclassified new defect low
#3792 configure error lacking details when boost headers are missing build system new enhancement low
#3813 "Unable to lock logger lockfile" message appears during unit test execution Unclassified new defect low
#3830 explicit definition of class static constant Unclassified reviewing UnAssigned defect low
#3840 log library and unicode logging new defect low
#3843 cc/ and local/unix sockets Unclassified reviewing UnAssigned enhancement low
#3862 util filename should be more used Unclassified new enhancement low
#3864 make regex optional Unclassified reviewing UnAssigned enhancement low
#3885 DHCPv6 Server silently fails to generate FQDN when lease is not allocated dhcp6 new defect low
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