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#3871 DHCP fundamentals chapter in guide documentation new enhancement medium
#3876 extern not so optional in extern const definitions Unclassified accepted fdupont enhancement medium
#3895 Add configuration option for loose or strict processing of options libdhcp new enhancement medium
#3901 IndexError: pop from empty list trac new defect medium
#3910 Add support for multiple vendor block in DHCPv4 Vendor-Identifying Vendor Options Unclassified reviewing UnAssigned enhancement medium
#3912 Additional statistics in DHCPv6 (parse failure reasons, send failures) statistics new enhancement medium
#3914 Additional statistics in DHCPv4 (parse failure reasons, send failures) statistics new enhancement medium
#3923 Add explicit for one argument constructors Unclassified reviewing UnAssigned enhancement medium
#3925 perfdhcp can't simulate more than ~60k clients? perfdhcp new defect medium
#3926 Implement lease cache threshold dhcp new enhancement medium
#3940 list of the configuration keywords documentation new defect medium
#3942 Get statistics associated to all subnets statistics new enhancement medium
#3961 Study the usefulness of having the statitics for hook point "skips" dhcp new enhancement medium
#3991 Implement declined-address-recover command for v4 management API new enhancement medium
#3992 Implement declined-address-recover command for v6 management API new enhancement medium
#4011 v6 server should handle out of range addresses properly dhcp6 new defect medium
#4012 Refactor host conflict resoltuion logic to use reclamation method(s) Unclassified new task medium
#4038 Allow for leases with very long lifetimes dhcp new enhancement medium
#4069 Deal with UDP socket test failures on Ubuntu 12 (issues in boost 1.48) Unclassified new defect medium
#4073 Document how to add new options in the developer guide documentation new enhancement medium
#4076 post html versions of man pages documentation new task medium
#4078 Use PostgreSQL data types for leases Unclassified new enhancement medium
#4087 Replace use of exit(-1) with new isc::FatalException class which can propagate outward database-all new task medium
#4104 Extend class based information storage to subnets dhcp reopened enhancement medium
#4118 multi-threading for crypto and database. crypto new defect medium
#4124 Make eval::Expression and class which can store the string expression as well as the token stack dhcp new enhancement medium
#4209 document grammars host-reservations new enhancement medium
#4214 MySQL/Postgres is not tested in src/bin/dhcp{4,6} unit-tests database-all new enhancement medium
#4220 investigate kea 0.9.1/0.9.2 occurrences in administrators guide documentation new defect medium
#4221 Clarify and enhance the .text operator in the classification system classification new enhancement medium
#4223 Clients not receiving v4 leases and high rate of ALLOC_ENGINE_V4_ALLOC_FAIL dhcp4 new defect medium
#4229 kea-dhcp4 does not reserve in-pool addresses reserved by client id dhcp4 accepted marcin defect medium
#4235 Analyse current cppcheck warnings and eliminate those that should be eliminated Unclassified reviewing UnAssigned defect medium
#4240 decompile tool for classification expression classification reviewing UnAssigned enhancement medium
#4244 Can't compile Kea with g++4.9 on Ubuntu 15.10 build system new defect medium
#4246 rename infrequest to inforequest Unclassified new enhancement medium
#4250 FreeBSD10.1: PgSqlOpenTest.OpenDatabase unit test fails with Posgres 9.4.5 database-all new defect medium
#4251 configure does not abort when --with-gtest fails to find google test build system new defect medium
#4253 Develop wireshark capture replay tests tests new enhancement medium
#4260 Consider generating hostname from client's HW Address. dhcp new enhancement medium
#4288 Implement rapid-commit in DHCPv4 (RFC4039, option 80) dhcp4 new enhancement medium
#4289 Implement v4 options for Internet Storage Name Service (RFC4174, option 83) dhcp4 accepted fdupont enhancement medium
#4296 Put DHCP4o6 ISC options first dhcp4o6 accepted fdupont enhancement medium
#4486 Schema create script should use upgrade scripts rather than duplicating upgrade SQL database-all new enhancement medium
#4487 Add drop tables command to kea-admin database-all new enhancement medium
#4488 Evolution proposal - provide configuration (logger) for LFC Unclassified new enhancement medium
#4490 kea-dhcp4 subnet4_select() hook is called prior to any other hook point dhcp4 new defect medium
#4508 Implement test hook library to make sure all hooks are called (and in correct order) Unclassified new enhancement medium
#4512 Add conversion functions for HWADDR_SOURCE constants dhcp new enhancement medium
#4513 Kea should support prefix-len+prefix option type dhcp new enhancement medium
#4519 Add support for using DUIDs from v4/client-ids for use in DDNS updates RFC 4703 sec 5.2 ddns new enhancement medium
#4521 Replace trigger with use of ON DELETE CASCADE in MySQL database-all new defect medium
#4525 Cassandra: the code in CqlLeaseMgr uses unsafe static_cast database-all new defect medium
#4526 Cassandra: lease expiration implementation is sub-optimal database-all new defect medium
#4527 Cassandra: need to update Developer's Guide to cover CQL documentation new task medium
#4528 In D2 remove ptr even if removing fwd fails ddns new defect medium
#4534 Add --enable-developer configure flag Unclassified new enhancement medium
#4536 Unused calls in LeaseMgr and DataSource should be removed database-all new enhancement medium
#4537 Pass copy of a subnet to callouts within hook library dhcp new enhancement medium
#4538 update kea-admin to handle reservations in MySQL and PostgreSQL scripts new enhancement medium
#4543 Update docs and mySQL scripts for use with HA database-all new enhancement medium
#4545 kea-admin lease-init for pg Unclassified new enhancement medium
#4548 Implement additional algorithms for address allocation dhcp new enhancement medium
#4549 Load balancing between multiple Kea servers dhcp new enhancement medium
#4550 Oddities in kea to sql node connection handling database-all new defect medium
#5011 Logs always state: "Lease Expires On: 19700101000000" logging new defect medium
#5013 ugly logging while using eval debug Unclassified new defect medium
#5028 memfile / loading of expired leases on startup Unclassified new enhancement medium
#5048 Kea servers should be able to use a subnet's domain-name as a qualifying suffix for DDNS ddns new defect medium
#5052 Syslog message formatting Unclassified new defect medium
#5056 Running kea-dhcp4 on many interfaces causes segfault Unclassified accepted marcin defect medium
#5059 Add a means to override the maximum number of errors allowed when loading a Memfile lease file Unclassified new enhancement medium
#5065 Issues with Cassandra backend found on macOS sierra Unclassified new defect medium
#5081 reorganize relay related sections in Kea User's Guide documentation new defect medium
#5086 move to bison style location Unclassified new enhancement medium
#5089 CfgMgr::clear() does not reset D2ClientMgr configuration new defect medium
#5103 Supporting "auto" value in "host-reservation-identifiers" parameter. host-reservations new enhancement medium
#5147 get rid of bind10 .spec files remote-management new task medium
#5148 parser/config exception cleanup remote-management new task medium
#5155 Pick one name and stick with it: Management API, Control channel, command channel remote-management new task medium
#5164 Document the fields of the lease file documentation accepted tobi enhancement medium
#5166 Remove duplication of the configuration methods in DCfgMgr ddns new enhancement medium
#5167 Kea should be able to drop traffic from badly behaving spamming client dhcp new enhancement medium
#5168 Map hardware address and IP for logging purposes. Unclassified new task medium
#5169 Option 66 and Option 67 not passed in an offer Unclassified new defect medium
#5173 Post-5114 get_config autogeneration clean-up management API new defect medium
#5194 Do not require root privileges on the Control Agent process to forward commands agent new enhancement medium
#5199 Improve use of CalloutHandle in the Command Manager. configuration new defect medium
#5204 license and copyright dates in auto generated files Unclassified new defect medium
#5206 Update lease managers to retrieve leases by subnet id database-all reviewing marcin enhancement medium
#5223 set-config command not available in CA agent new defect medium
#5242 Support for classless static route option (DHCPv4, 121) RFC3442 dhcp4 new enhancement medium
#5250 Hooks can't access leases/hosts DB from load() configuration new enhancement medium
#5276 hostname conflict solving criteria ddns new enhancement medium
#5299 Configuration timestamp configuration new enhancement medium
#5300 Consider configuration version numbering configuration new enhancement medium
#5301 Configuration digest configuration new enhancement medium
#5323 user-context in subnets configuration new enhancement medium
#5334 revamp interface manager re-scan configuration new defect medium
#5347 Implement delete all leases from a subnet for MySQL, PostgreSQL database-all new enhancement medium
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