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#1055 Utility for logging message maintenance logging new enhancement medium
#1494 Review environment variable use in BIND 10 Unclassified new task medium
#1497 Chroot for socket creator sockcreator new enhancement medium
#1498 Droping root in socket creator sockcreator new enhancement medium
#1594 Use different place for socketcreator master socket sockcreator new task medium
#1679 Auto-generate backtraces & crash reports Unclassified new enhancement medium
#1966 logger formatter does too much in the destructor logging new defect medium
#2303 disable generating static link library objects (.a's) build system new UnAssigned task medium
#2344 Delayed-ack for IPv6 DHCP Server dhcp6 new task medium
#2350 Define a framework for unit-test documentation documentation new task medium
#2352 Improve DUID handling dhcp6 new defect medium
#2359 restruct libb10-util build system new UnAssigned defect medium
#2399 make Logger::getLoggerPtr() thread safe logging new defect medium
#2403 Provide developer documentation for DHCP MySQL back end documentation new task medium
#2405 Extend Lease4/Lease6 classes with checks on valid data dhcp new enhancement medium
#2413 Handle time overflow in lease structures dhcp new defect medium
#2532 DHCP: deleteAllLeases() call would be useful database-all new enhancement medium
#2599 DHCP Testing: V4 features - general dhcp assigned UnAssigned task medium
#2602 DHCP Testing: V6 features - robustness dhcp assigned UnAssigned task medium
#2603 DHCP Testing: V4 Options dhcp assigned UnAssigned task medium
#2677 General clang issues build system new UnAssigned defect medium
#2706 describe how to run scan-build (clang static analyzer) documentation new task medium
#2718 Stateless DHCP configuration: allow access to global options if subnets are not configured. dhcp new enhancement medium
#2724 DHCP Testing: Logging dhcp assigned UnAssigned task medium
#2725 DHCP Testing: Configuration dhcp assigned UnAssigned task medium
#2728 configuration snapshots and restore Unclassified new enhancement medium
#2758 util/io_utilities.h shouldn't be used in production DHCP code dhcp new defect medium
#2766 reconsider the use of varbinary in database tables dhcp4 new enhancement medium
#2774 dhcp++.pc libdhcp assigned UnAssigned task medium
#2779 distclean and removal of docs from release tarball documentation new task medium
#2783 Using -n<x> to speifcy number of exhanges always yields x-1 exchanges, with 1 drop perfdhcp new defect medium
#2806 database "logger" logging new enhancement medium
#2841 deal with inet_pton that doesn't recognize AF_INET6 build system new UnAssigned defect medium
#2889 Derive requirements from RFC2131, Section 4.3 dhcp4 new task medium
#2890 Resolve disparaties between ISC_DHCP and b10-dhcp4 in packet handling dhcp4 new task medium
#2928 Include the debug log level in log messages logging new enhancement medium
#2936 IfaceMgr::getIface() update should return a shared_ptr instead of a raw pointer dhcp new defect medium
#2959 DHCP-DDNS: DHCP6 configuration parameters dhcp6 new enhancement medium
#2970 MySqlLeaseMgr uses wrong function to retrieve error text database-all new defect medium
#2988 check and report log4cplus rotation issues logging assigned jreed defect medium
#3009 kea6 does not drop relay-forward with forbidden options dhcp6 new defect medium
#3043 User-submitted upstart script (for CentOS 6.4) Unclassified new enhancement medium
#3053 Write documentation for Pkt4 and Pkt6 classes dhcp new enhancement medium
#3060 Add support for TCP traffic to NameChangeListener/Sender for DHCP-DDNS ddns new enhancement medium
#3066 Implement lease4_expire, lease6_expire hooks dhcp new enhancement medium
#3071 kea6: solicit with invalid options is accepted dhcp6 new defect medium
#3096 Create the setHostname method for the Lease4 and Lease6. dhcp new enhancement medium
#3102 Add building of hooks library example to test suite tests new enhancement medium
#3106 Kea IPv4 fails ANVL test 3.1 (Dynamic Allocation of Network Addresses) dhcp4 new defect medium
#3108 Write unit-tests for buffer6_send hook dhcp6 new defect medium
#3110 Kea IPv4 fails ANVL test 5.4 (server SHOULD respond with a dhcpTypeNack message) dhcp4 new defect medium
#3111 Kea IPv4 fails ANVL test 5.5 (The server SHOULD mark an address offered to a client in a DHCPOFFER mes- sage as available if the server receives no DHCPREQUEST message from that client ) dhcp4 new defect medium
#3116 Improve sanity checks for incoming DHCPv4 packets dhcp4 new defect medium
#3120 Consider sanity-checking lease pointers in lease managers. dhcp new enhancement medium
#3185 Kea: add ability to read pcap files and process them into Pkt4 and Pkt6 dhcp new enhancement medium
#3188 socket creator support for raw sockets sockcreator new enhancement medium
#3208 Improve vendor-options definitions and unit-tests dhcp new enhancement medium
#3215 Need an ability to provide domain-name for addresses configuration new defect medium
#3248 DHCPv6: Set the lease expiration time for the NameChangeRequests dhcp6 new defect medium
#3261 perfdhcp: orphan messages counting shouldn't be performed for individual exchanges perfdhcp new defect medium
#3271 Kea6 assign IPv6 address which is configured with. dhcp6 assigned tomek defect medium
#3319 IfaceMgr debuggability improvement libdhcp new enhancement medium
#3337 perfdhcp wrong merge MAC to packet template perfdhcp new defect medium
#3348 perfdhcp providing first DUID not working perfdhcp new task medium
#3349 perfdhcp randomized MAC at multiple offsets perfdhcp new enhancement medium
#3355 Add method to recreate dhcp::CfgMgr singleton instance configuration new defect medium
#3423 Check if it is feasible for Kea4,Kea6 servers to drop privileges dhcp4 new enhancement medium
#3448 Refactor/merge base classes for D2,Kea4,Kea6 dhcp assigned task medium
#3456 Hooks should be able to access current configuration hooks new UnAssigned enhancement medium
#3457 Hook callouts should be able to access current database connection hooks new UnAssigned enhancement medium
#3458 Add "Configuration Changed" hook hooks new UnAssigned enhancement medium
#3490 Handle multiple packets in one read when using BPF dhcp4 new UnAssigned defect medium
#3491 Context-based DHCP service (contributed patch) dhcp4 reviewing contributor enhancement medium
#3492 In-memory Database backend (contributed patch) database-all reviewing contributor enhancement medium
#3493 Simple configuration backend (contributed patch) configuration new UnAssigned enhancement medium
#3494 Custom Lease Allocator (contributed patch) dhcp new UnAssigned enhancement medium
#3495 Custom IPv4 pool (contributed patch) configuration new UnAssigned enhancement medium
#3496 subnet4_preselect hook implementation (contributed patch) hooks reviewing contributor enhancement medium
#3497 Pkt4 class enhancements (contributed patch) dhcp4 reviewing contributor enhancement medium
#3514 dhcp-ddns server and unauthorized use ddns new defect medium
#3550 Extract source MAC from the kernel dhcp6 new enhancement medium
#3566 Extend DB backends with capability reporting database-all new enhancement medium
#3570 Read/update/sanity check host reservations remote-management new enhancement medium
#3579 Configuration scaling design configuration new enhancement medium
#3580 extend abstract LeaseMgr to report capability 'subnet-storage' database-all new enhancement medium
#3619 Pkt::delOption() should allow deleting all instances, not one libdhcp new enhancement medium
#3645 kea-admin should not pass MySQL password scripts new defect medium
#3658 Optimizations in the IfaceMgr code libdhcp new enhancement medium
#3674 LFC: implement "released" flag for the lease in the lease database dhcp new task medium
#3678 remove random() from the source crypto new defect medium
#3693 conflicts in DHCPv4 reservation malfunction. dhcp4 new defect medium
#3700 Copyright years update should be automated build system reopened UnAssigned enhancement medium
#3707 Call subnetSelect only once for incoming DHCPv4 packet dhcp4 new enhancement medium
#3719 Implement the uint128 type dhcp6 new enhancement medium
#3726 Support the v4 overload option (52) dhcp4 new defect medium
#3738 --disable-rpath option is not working Unclassified new defect medium
#3753 Kea process should daemonize dhcp new defect medium
#3774 Clean up Dhcp6Srv handling/use of context class instances dhcp6 new defect medium
#3775 FQDN unit test for host reservations should use Dhcp6Client test class dhcp6 new defect medium
#3851 Move FQDN generation to Allocation Engine to avoid lesae db update dhcp4 new enhancement medium
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